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Chapter 2

Olden Trio

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  This day, the daylight was as gloomy as nightfall. 


  A lady Enlil was gazing afar through the window. At the edge of the skyline, a few wisps of smoke could be seen, implying a war raging on the land.


  This lovely cheerful lady could no longer smile anymore. Now, only sorrow was written on her exquisite face; a drop of tear rolled down her cheek.


  “Why...why did everything go wrong? All I want is to trace our origin, and now it turns everyone against each other…”


  Enlil belonged to a species called eldus, who came from somewhere far away in the galaxy. They were passionate about exploring diverse history of different places, hoping to make their kind perfect by learning.


  Among the scholars, Enlil was devoted to the research on their origin. After much hard work, they finally found this piece of land according to the leads. Yet the energy concealed here was beyond their imagination, which induced an internal conflict among them.


  It started from arguing, but the conflict had soon escalated into a threat. Shamash, the leader of this operation and also Enlil’s best friend, planned to exterminate the original species of the realm——Machinas.


  When the plan was spread, Marduk, one of the eldus, decided to gather the opposite voices in order to stop the catastrophe.


  Much as Enlil wanted to take part in negotiating with Shamash, she was ordered to stay behind by Marduk because of her injury, which was also the reason for her living alone right now.


  A cold breeze gave Enlil a chill.


  “It’s getting cold. I can’t afford another flu…”


  Humming a tune, an enchantment glowed above Enlil’s chest. Meanwhile, crimson halo gathered in front of her. With a wave, she turned the halo into flame to warm her up.


  “Mana…also called elements here…What a magnificent energy. Everyone is crazy about it…” Her mind drifted as she stared at the fire.


  Boom——! A sudden fierce quake brought Enlil back to reality, who lost balance and stumbled on the ground.


  This quake lasted for a long while. While Enlil was getting back on her feet, a pink-haired woman ran into the room in a panic.


  “Enlil! Something bad happened! The entrance of Mech gone!”




  The shocked Enlil left the room immediately when she received the news. She ignored her injury and casted a high-class sorcery. Next second, she leapt towards the entrance of Mech City.


  “Please..Be safe,” she prayed while summoning more mana to speed up. Yet she crashed in the middle of her way as her body was overloaded.


  “I won’t give up...This is not far away from Mech City. I should be able to get there on foot,” she thought.


  Enlil managed to arrive at the entrance of Mech City by staggering along the desert. Then, she saw a monumentally different place——the metal building that was supposed to be here was gone. Instead, this place was coiled with deformed metal pipes, which were what the Machinas called “vessels”.


  These vessels were supposed to be buried underground, serving as a transportation for mana. Right now, all vessels broke out of the ground, intertwining together as if a living creature with pulses.


  “What is happening...How could this be?”


  The scene was a complete mind blower to Enlil. She stared at the front and said, “what was...that?”


  She squinted her eyes to get a clearer image of something shiny in the intertwining vessels——


  “That’s the necklace…! I need to retrieve it…” 


  Making a stern look, Enlil took deep breaths to run the mana flowing inside her.


  By chanting a spell, numerous enchantments were summoned around her. At last, these enchantments combined together into a gigantic one. Immense mana floated in front of which like a burning sun.


  “Come on! Burn down everything in my way!”


  The crimson halo transformed into an ablaze eagle, storming into the vessels. Extreme heat melted those deformed vessels, and the whole mutated thing was burnt into ashes in the blink of an eye.




  Although Enlil managed to wipe out the vessels, this strike had drained her. Staggering along the way to the necklace, she picked it up and held it into her embrace.


  “So good to have it back…”


  The overjoyed Enlil didn’t notice the activity of the vessel remains, which were gathering back together. A monstrous slit cracked open on the revived vessels. Next second, the mutated vessels pounced on Enlil like a prey——


  A robust figure cut in and blocked the attack for Enlil with an energy shield. The collision startled her. She found out the identity of the robust protector when she looked over——a bulky man who was also an eldus.


  “Enlil! It’s dangerous! Let’s get out of here!”


  “But...they’re trapped inside! I can’t leave them in danger!”


  Enlil looked over to the entrance of Mech City, but all she saw was a bunch of vessels.


  “If you die here, you’ll never be able to save them!” The bulky man talked Enlil down.


  Clang! More revived vessels attacked the man. Enlil was very well aware that they would be doomed soon if they stayed. She had no choice but nodded, agreeing to retreat.


  “What happened,” Enlil asked, who hadn’t recovered from the shock.


  “It’s a seal...The machina leader activated an extremely powerful seal to protect monesis from Shamash. The seal isolated the entire Mech City from the realm. Our fellows are all trapped inside,” the man explained.


  “What...I won’t let this happen…” Enlil grabbed the necklace tightly.


  “I’ll rescue you at all costs, even if I have to destroy this realm!”

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