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Chapter 3

Olden Trio

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  Somewhere in the boundless universe, there was a planet made up of numerous meteorites. The meteorites were connected by spectrum chains, constructing a prison-like space.


  A pile of unknown was pulsing inside this planet cage. The unknown was jet black , ominously dark as if it contained nothing but pure evilness and void.


  The unknown slowly expanded, but then the momentum was restrained by the spectrum chains like a captured prey. Very soon, the unknown contracted, shrinking as if it was drained by the chains.


  “My essence, the beginning of all, the rule of the universe, the center of divinity, please let me kneel before you, bathe in your mightiness and feel your grace…”


  The unknown chanted with a creepy language repeatedly. Its body bloated again, but it never broke through the chain.


  The cycle repeated while countless planets had been born and withered. Its long-lasting effort had eventually paid off.


  A superdimensional impulse surged from afar, stunning the whole universe. The newborn stars all bursted into nothing, and the spectrum chains started to fade.


  “Power...The power of the seal has diminished…”


  The jet black torso of the unknown reflected light while muttering a creepy tune. Its body was pumped big immediately, approaching the spectrum chain. The chain tightened as usual, but it was defeated by the unknown this time. Cracked at first, it shattered eventually.


  “Oh...I’m free...My essence...My lord…”


  Pulsing fiercely, the dark “limbs” elongated towards a direction as if a moth was drawn to flame.


  Unable to hold back the desire, the unknown drifted across the universe and headed to the light. The closer it approached, the stronger the restraining force. The unknown never ceased its journey despite the drastic reduction in the body mass due to the force. Its restless effort eventually led it to the destination——a beautiful planet, which was the land of wonders called “the realm”.


  At this moment, the unknown had been reduced to a human palm-sized remain. Still, it decided to dive into the realm and embraced an immense body-crushing pain. The energy of this land rejected it, but it resisted with the last bit of will. 


  The unknown managed to reach the surface before it was completely wiped out of existence——the land occupied by an extensive amount of bizarre metal pipes.


  “Oh...My essence...I sense its presence...but it’s in constraint...I need to liberate it...yet powerless I’m…” the nail-sized unknown pondered.


  A female yell sounded nearby disturbed its thought, “but...they’re trapped inside! I can’t leave them in danger!”


  Crawling its way to the source, the unknown witnessed a conflict between a woman and a burly man, who didn’t notice its tiny existence. While the argument heated up, the unknown climbed onto the woman to stick its thin limbs into her body.


  “This creature...Hehe...This is incredible. Innocent but evil; Kind but cruel; Authentic but hypocritic...And the despair grows inside her...This resentment...It’s delicious…”


  The unknown recovered a bit from the massive destruction after consuming the negative emotions of the woman.


  “Parasitize her...Regain strength…” The unknown became a parasite behind the woman’s ear.


  Later the days, the woman was buried in researching work, but the progress was unpleasant to see. Worst still, more and more of her kind were injured. Everything on-going in her life made her despair and resentment thrive. That was great news to the unknown, for it had more food to feast on. Its strength had been recovering faster than it expected.


  “Not enough...I must gulf more despair and resentment...That is the only way to free my origin...our origin…”


  The unknown refused to stop at feasting on the woman’s emotions, so it made a move on the night she collapsed in tears. Confronting the woman, it stuttered with its jet black body, “I...can make...your wish...come true…”


  “Who...are you?” the woman asked.


  “Who am I?”


  Woman’s question had put the unknown in perplexion. It had been acting instinctively ever since its birth, pursuing only the essence but never questioned the meaning of it.


  “My name is Enlil, and you?” Enlil asked gently.


  Instead of acting fearful, she approached this spooky extraterrestrial creature calmly.


  “Name...Self-descripting...Me…” The thought was lingering within the unknown.


  “Xada,” said the unknown. Next second, its body twisted and deformed fiercely, shapeshifting in a spooky way. When the process stopped, it became a female looking alike just as Enlil, but with an entirely different vibe——an unspoken gloom oozing from Xada’s gaze.


  “I can make your wish come true,” said Xada, stroking Enlil’s cheek. She spoke as her black ominous eyes looked into Enlil’s beautiful eyes, “only if you turn into a demon.”


  The seductive curse of Xada had beclouded Enlil’s mind.


  Having been so desperate to escape from despair, Enlil put her hand on Xada’s with a sweet smile as if she was the happiest woman in the world.


  “If this can end my despair, I’ll do it.”

心靈崩解 ‧ 撒達
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