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Chapter 1

Earthlings' Creed

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  On a vast land, there was a marvellous building of red bricks. That was the Database of the Eldus, which specifically stored and managed the resources scavenged from other planets.


  “Ten, eleven, twelve…”


  Inside the Database, a man Kingu was counting a basket of crystals in front of him. But the counting was interrupted by footsteps from the entrance.


  Kingu turned around to welcome the visitor——a proud, confident young lady.


  “Oh, it’s Shamash...No, I should call you Lady Shamash. Congratulations for becoming the elite of our clan,” Kingu greeted Shamash with a sarcastic grin. 


  “What’s this visit for? Shouldn’t you be busy with the preparation? After all you’ll be leading the others to seek our origin.”


  “Kingu, join the journey with me,” said Shamash, trying to push Kingu with her intimidating gaze.


  For a moment, Kingu hesitated; he soon calmed down and rejected Shamash.


  “...You must be joking, right? I’m just a data keeper. This is way out of my league,” Kingu said, scratching his cheek.


  “Stop pretending, Kingu. You used to create innovative spells. Your extraordinary talent shouldn’t be wasted here.”


  “Aw, busted,” Kingu shrugged in an exaggerated way, and continued, “then you must know the reason why I’m working here.”


  “You broke the rules of our clan by disrupting the fate of another realm, which led to their doomsday…” Shamash sneered in disdain, “humph, that’s utterly nonsense. What a coward!”


  “So this is who you really are? I thought you were another conventional model student,” Kingu said, amused by Shamash’s true nature.


  “I’ll risk everything to get what I want.” The greedy desire in Shamash’s gaze was revealed completely.


  As Kingu scanned Shamash with his squinted eyes, his inner desire was gradually lit up.


  “What an interesting fellow. I’m gonna have so much fun with her.”


  Kingu reached his hand at Shamash and smirked.


  “Alright, I’m in but don’t let me down. I’ll quit as soon as I’m bored.”


  And that was how Kingu joined Shamash’s venture team to the land of origin, which was named “the realm” in the later days, the world with ample mana. 


  Kingu concealed his relationship with Shamash in order to sniff around. Among all duties assigned to the Eldus, he found Ninhursag's the most intriguing——producing creatures named “Earthlings”.


  In a spacious room, a dozen enchanting circles were drawn on the floor with a bunch of clay dolls placed at the center. The clay was made of mana-filled soil from this planet. Mixed with other ingredients, the dolls became the life core of earthlings.


  After inspecting the integrity of the enchanting circles and the dolls, Ninhursag signalled the other Eldus to return to their positions with a nod.


  “Mana, please grant us power, blessing and vitality.”


  As Ninhursag mumbled, the energy resided within surged, lighting up the enchanting hana on her tanned skin. When the other Eldus followed, the whole room was filled with dazzling shine, blinding Kingu.


  When the shine faded, all the clay dolls were turned into five-year-old children. Despite their different genders and faces, they were all browsing around curiously at the same time, inquisitive about the dawn into this world.


  At this moment, a graceful figure entered the room and asked Ninhursag, “are the earthlings ready?”


  “Yes. Phase one has been completed. In the upcoming days, I’ll be speeding up their growth and inculcating knowledge into their minds with spells for every seven days. They’ll be fully mature in about thirty days,” Ninhursag reported, but her facial expression implied that she didn’t want this job. 


  Shamash never noticed the unwillingness written on Ninhursag, nor she cared.


  “Remember to program fear into their souls. As long as they worship us, they won’t defy us,” Shamash ordered.




  “Mmm, that’s not enough...Inhibiting seals must also be added to all earthlings except for the combat earthlings.” 


  Squinting at Ninhursag, the tone of Shamash became mean, “the production of labour earthlings are too slow. You must speed it up by all means!”


  Yet not every production was smooth. Some earthlings might explode due to overpressure from the spells. Ninhursag, who treated the earthlings as her own children, collapsed after several failures. Since then, she had given up on producing earthlings.


  The displeased Shamash went over to reproach Ninhursag immediately, “Ninhursag, are you defying me by suspending the earthling production?”


  “Yes. I can’t do this anymore. They’re all lives, yet they’re born to be sacrificed! It’s against the creed of our clan!”


  “I get it. It’s alright if you don’t want to do it.”


  Shamash looked over to Kingu, who was standing with other Eldus, and said, “you, do it.”


  “Yes ma’am,” said Kingu, bowing at Shamash with a bright grin. His exaggerated moves somehow matched his vibe. Then he directed the other Eldus to produce earthlings. Not only did he perform the ritual accurately, but he completed it two times faster than Ninhursag did.


  “This is...impossible...Not even Enlil could completely comprehend the ritual, but...Why? Who are you exactly?” Ninhursag was utterly surprised.


  “Who am I?”


  Kingu laughed as if he found Ninhursag’s question amusing.


  “Consider me as a keen fun seeker.”


  Before Ninhursag could ask further, she got kicked out by the other Eldus at Shamash’s order. Since then, Kingu had officially taken over the earthling production. 


  The duty was interesting at first, but Kingu was gradually bored by the monotonous routine.


  “Overwhelming control is boring…” Kingu mumbled. All of a sudden, a playful grin appeared on his face as if he had a fun idea.


  “Ugh, how boring this is...Can someone change this overpowering situation,” Kingu was lamenting next to the window. Next second, a playful grin appeared on his face as he glimpsed a man outside.


  “Aw, looks like something fun is about to happen.”

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