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The Olden Stele - 5

Carry On Pompeii’s Vision

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Floor 1 Sudden Game Change



Ever since the encounter with Pompeii, Cang Bi had been constantly visiting Mech City. Despite the discontent from its own kind, he believed that one day he could convince its fellows.


However, the sudden visit of Eldus and their invasion had broken Cang Bi’s plan. The situation of Machinas became much worse as the Eldus kept pushing on; As for Cang Bi, it became much more desperate to convince its fellows to help Pompeii…



Cang Bi: Pompeii wants us to become their ally. The Eldus have been provoking wars lately, so he needs our help to protect other creatures on the realm...Please, meet the Machinas.

Yan Pu: ..I can’t speak for the others. Let’s settle it this way. Fly to the dragon bone if you agree with Cang Bi.


However, the dragons did nothing but stared at Cang Bi coldly.


Cang Bi: “This is not good...No one will be on my side if I don’t do something...I should at least get an ally first...Right. With Shui Huan’s popularity, they may change their minds if Shui Huan agrees with me.”

Cang Bi: Shui Huan, haven’t you saved them before? I believe such a kind dragon like you will support me.

Shui Huan: Huh? I…


The pushy Cang Bi grabbed Shui Huan’s forearm to beg. When Cang Bi pulled harder, Shui Huan stumbled.


Cang Bi: I-I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it!

Yan Pu: Cang Bi, not getting what you want doesn’t mean you can act rude. I think you need to spend some time in jail to calm down.


No more Runedragons interfered with whatever happened on the ground since Cang Bi’s imprisonment.


Life went on until a gloomy afternoon. A blasting noise and a fierce quake happened afar. When the quake ceased, Shui Huan saw a thick smoke rising from Mech City with anxiety, but the other dragons acted as if nothing had happened.


Shui Huan: “ wrong...Right! Cang Bi!”

Shui Huan sneaked into the jail and headed to the cell at the end. Cang Bi, who had its limbs all chained up.

Cang Bi: ...Why are you here? To mock at me?

Shui Huan: Your friends...the Machinas are under attack!



Floor 2 Gone City


An azure figure streamed speedily, leaving a blue shade in the sky.


Cang Bi: “Pompeii...Bahamut...Beta..Everyone...PPlease stay safe…”


The only thing Cang Bi found was intertwined metal pipes on a plain land, which were supposed to be the vessels lying underground.


Cang Bi: Mech gone...No, it can’t be!


Cang Bi dove down to approach where the city entrance was supposed to be, but it was attacked by numerous unknown objects——


Cang Bi: “What! Why are the vessels attacking me…”


The intertwined vessels assaulted Cang Bi ferociously. When it slashed the pipes with its claws, something weird happened——


Cang Bi: These pipes...are regenerating…


The chopped off pipes regenerated in no time and attacked Cang Bi again. It barely dodged, but the strikes were very intense.


Cang Bi: “Dammit! If they can’t be killed, let’s try this!”


Circulating the power, Cang Bi gathered water element to launch a blizzard, which succeeded in freezing the mutated vessels. But when it came to the spot, it found nothing but a plain land as if the city had never existed.


Cang Bi: “Pompeii…What happened?”


Cang Bi had no choice but to leave, returning to the Runedragon’s habitat. Before it had flown far, it heard a Runedragon roar. Next second, it saw Huang Cong and Chi Zhang under pursuit. Then it froze the mutated vessels in no time to save them.


Chi Zhang: What are these...It felt like they snatched my consciousness when I was caught up inside...It’s horrible...Boohoo…

Huang Cong: Let’s meet up with the others first. You come with us too.


The three dragons saw all their fellows when they arrived at the gigantic dragon bone penetrated into the peak. As soon as they understood that the mutation was caused by the disappearance of Mech City, a debate about then clan’s future was ignited.


Yan Pu: Those things will start moving again soon, so let’s decide what should we do as soon as possible.

Huang Cong: There’s only one option! We should all move to the sky. Hasn’t Shui Huan figured out how to make rocks float? It’s useful now!

Cang Bi: What? Are we really going to sit back and watch the doom of the realm?

Cang Bi questioned loudly, but cold gazes from its kind are all it had in response.

Yan Pu: Looks like we have reached a consensus. Let’s prepare to move.


Floor 3 Elemental Beast Who Seeks Help


While the Runedragons were executing their migration, the Elemental Beast clan that lived in the mineral basin was also attacked by mutated vessels and Eldus.


To secure the cubs and other creatures, Spencer the Elemental Beast suggested seeking help from the Runedragon clan. And so he went to the Runedragon’s habitat. When he was about to climb the mountain, he was attacked by a golden dragon.


Spencer: Wait! I mean no harm. I just want to discuss——

Huang Cong: Shut your mouth! You’re just the same as those Eldus scum!


The enraged Huang Cong generated electricity to attack Spencer with thunderstrikes, but they were all fended off by an azure dragon.


Huang Cong: Cang Bi! Why did you protect him!

Cang Bi: He’s no enemy at all! It’s you who attacked him out of the blue!



The two dragons were fighting each other until a crimson dragon showed up, who subdued them onto the ground.


Yan Pu: Please accept my apology. It was Huang Cong’s fault. Are you hurt?

Spencer: I’m alright, thanks to Cang Bi.

Yan Pu: Good to hear that. Excuse me but could you please leave the mountain?

Spencer: I’m here on behalf of the Elemental Beast clan, hoping to form an alliance with the Runedragons to defeat the Eldus.

Spencer: Those Eldus have already wiped out a few species. If we don’t do something, I’m afraid that they will come to you very soon.

Yan Pu: I feel sorry for that, but there’s nothing we can do either.

Spencer: I respect your choice, but my clan won’t just leave others to die. You’re welcome to find us if you need help.

Cang Bi: “How can we sit back and watch them killed by the Eldus! If they refuse to help, I will!”


Cang Bi followed Spencer alone, heading to the Elemental Beast’s habitat with him.


Floor 4 Beginning of Olden War


It was already too late when Cang Bi arrived at the mineral basin, the Elemental Beast’s habitat. The clan had been raided by the Elden. Some of the beasts were captured by the Eldus; some were severely injured. Under such a worse situation, Cang Bi volunteered to be their guard.


Cang Bi: Spencer, we can’t keep on hiding. Now that Veronica has got better, why don’t you come to our habitat?

Spencer: But they have rejected us already, haven’t they? I don’t think they’ll take us in…

Cang Bi: All lives are somehow interdependent, and the cycle of the world can only be maintained by these bonds. So please don’t give up on the bonds with your kind.

Spencer: Huh?

Cang Bi: A good friend of mine once said that to me...I know my fellows have rejected you, but please don’t give up. Once you do, you’ll lose that bonding for good.

Spencer: ...You’re right. Victory is for those who are perseverant and hard-working.


And so Cang Bi, Spencer and Veronica led the cubs and the wounded to seek shelter at the Runedragon’s habitat. When the crew arrived at the grassfield nearby, they spotted an unusual smoke rising from the dragon’s peak.


Cang Bi: I’ll head over there. You stay here!

Veronica: “I’ll go with Cang Bi. Spencer, you stay here to take care everyone!


When Cang Bi and Veronica arrived at the scene, they witnessed the moment of Enlil stabbing Yan Pu with a blood sword——


Cang Bi: Damn it! Let go of Yan Pu!



Veronica: Don’t you use my fellow’s blood!

Enlil: “The blood of Elemental Beast is counteracting with each other!”


Forfeiting the blood sword, Enlil switched her attack to fire elemental arrows launching at Veronica.


Cang Bi: Element, be my toughest shield!

Enlil: “Without the Elemental Beast’s blood, I can never hurt the Runedragons...All the weapons of Eldus were destroyed by that water dragon...We’ll only get defeated if we stay…”

Enlil: Looks like we must call it a day.


As Enlil forfeited the battle decisively, the wounded dragons could only let them go aguishly.


Cang Bi: “The Eldus...I can’t have them living on this land anymore! I must defeat them!”


Creak——The image stopped following with a high pitch sound, as if the replay was forcibly shut down by something. Next second, the surrounding returned to a complete blank, and Summoner pressed his forehead hard.


Summoner: Ouch! It hurts...My head hurts...What’s happening...It feels like someone’s screaming...No, it’s calling for help…

???: ...A resonance is induced when the soul and the vessel are attracting each other…

Summoner: Huh? What do you mean...Wait! You seem diminishing!

???: It’s because he is about to wake up from his long slumber...We must let you discover what’s in you before he’s fully awake.

Summoner: ...Who is “he” you’re talking about? I don’t get it!

???: Now it’s your turn to reveal the truth about this world and yourself…

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