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The Olden Stele - 2

Searching for Origin

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Floor 1 The Dream of Writing History


On a piece of vital land far away from the realm, there was a girl standing inside a luxurious hall. Grievous weep was everywhere to be heard.


Young Shamash: “Everyone is crying for the grandmaster…”

Man: We are the witness of history and truth of the universe. Among all of us, the grandmaster made the most contribution. His research has brought us a revolutionary change.

Man: He was the one who led us to the next generation. We shall never forget his knowledge. Let us praise him through music.


The man took the singing lead while the rest followed. During the delightful polyphony, an enormous enchantment was revealed on the floor. With the halos, the body of the elder miraculously withered into glamourdust; the glamourdust then transformed into glowing words, fusing into the wall.


Man: His history will be marked on the memory veil of Hall of History, searing deeply into our souls.


Stunned by the scene, Shamash clenched her fists.


Young Shamash: “I want to be remembered like the grandmaster. I want my name to live eternally as time. I’ll become the glorious history that everyone looks up to!”


Floor 2 Source of Mana

A graceful silouette hurried into a building floating in the galaxy——History Institute. Her visit had startled a man from dozing off.


Eldus: You’re the first one here again, Shamash.

Shamash: Save the small talk. Where is the new stuff?

Eldus: Right. Only one expedition team returned yesterday. These are everything they brought in.


The man presented a tray of stuff to the table, including crystals, bones, exotic plants, etc. After a thorough inspection, she furrowed her brow even deeper.


Shamash: None of them is useful…”


With a deep sigh, Shamash left the institute in disappointment. Still, she never ceased to give up, insisting on visiting everyday in the morning; yet the result was always disappointing.


Shamash: Darn it! I can’t publish this piece of joke. I gotta find something more mind-blowing…



Later on, Shamash saved a woman named Enlil unintentionally, who invited Shamash to take a look at her research. Shamash had her jaw dropped when she saw the drifting iridescent halos inside the enchantment.


Shamash: Is this...mana? No...Impossible! Nobody in history has been able to gather such a large amount of mana!

Enlil: I lost count of my failures too, but I finally did it this time.

Shamash: What are you gonna do with that much mana?

Enlil: Well, I’m planning to analyze the memories contained within mana.

Shamash: ...What? Isn’t mana a kind of energy? How could it have memories?

Enlil: Actually it’s not. Mana isn’t just an energy in our perception, but contains a myriad of untold memories. I’ve been having this thought since I was small…

Enlil: Our people have been focusing on the research about the universe but not our origin. Doesn’t it sound strange to you? I think the genuine meaning of witnessing history should be understanding our origin.


Shamash experienced a tremendous mind blow as Enlil’s idea had transcended all knowledge she had been taught with.


Shamash: Can I join you? I’m very interested in your research.

Enlil: Of course you can! Welcome aboard!



Floor 3 Revolutionary Research


Shamash visited the Hall of History everyday even after joining Enlil’s research, but she still had no breakthrough. When she was about to leave, she glimpsed at a basket of red rocks at a corner. Somehow that basket caught her attention.


Shamash: What are those red rocks for?

Eldus: Oh, those were the meteorites that crashed into Galaxia. Some fellows bring them here, but we put it away as they aren’t very helpful to our research.

Shamash: Then I’ll take them.

Shamash took away the baskest even though the male Eldus told her not to.

Shamash: “It’s real...These rocks contain much more mana than other rocks...I should give them to Enlil. Maybe this is the key.”


Quick footsteps sounded behind the door.


Shamash: “Who’s out——Mmm!”


The moment when Shamash stood up, someone bumped into her.


Enlil: I did it! I reconstructed the memories contained in mana!

Shamash: Really?

Enlil: Yes, it’s true. All thanks to the meteorites you brought in. Those rocks must be from the land of origin. We’ll be able to trace our creator by following mana’s memories——Mmm!


The excited Enlil fell forward in the middle of her speech as if she was about to faint. Catching her in time, Shamash looked at her pale face sternly.


Shamash: When was the last time you ingested mana?

Enlil: Eh...Ten days ago I think?

Shamash: You——Ugh. Just go get yourself some mana. I’ll sort the analysis for you.

Enlil: Aw, I know you’ll always be there for me. Then I’ll leave the work to you.


Looking at Enlil’s diminishing figure, Shamash had an agenda in her mind…


Floor 4 The Stolen Finding


Enlil the Eldus stood on a vast lush grassfield, where a complicated enchantment was drawn.


Enlil: Everything’s ready. Let’s get some mana.

Enlil chanted a divine tune as she raised her wand. The enchantment glowed immediately, shining on her. In the meantime, an extensive amount of illuminent dust appeared in the air and fused into the light paint on her body.


As mana was absorbed, her pale face gradually became revitalized. This was how the Eldus ingested mana.


Enlil: Phew...I guess that’s enough. Gotta go. Can’t keep Shamash waiting.



It didn’t take the revitalized Enlil too long to return to the research institute. Stepping into the lobby, she saw Shamash and the grandmaster of the institute. When the grandmaster spotted the presence of Enlil, he went over to her excitedly.


Grandmaster: Enlil, so good to see you here. Shamash discovered the origin of our kind! How mind-blowing it is! If the finding is true, it’ll be something to be recorded in the Hall of History!


Enlil: Huh? Shamash…

Shamash: Yes, Enlil. I told Grandmaster about “my” research finding.


The cold Shamash showed a rare smile and reached out at Enlil.


Shamash: Grandmaster has expressed his interest in my research, and he promised to back the project. Are you interested in joining me? I could use an elite like you.

Enlil: I...Um...I’m in…


Although her effort was stolen by Shamash, Enlil who loathed conflicts did not expose her. 


Maybe that was why Shamash had acted despicably. Still, nothing could change the fact that Shamash had stolen Enlil’s hard work…

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