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The Olden Stele - 1

The End of Time Travel

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Floor 1 Everything in the Past

Yog-Sothoth: Do you really believe that the gods would help you to defeat those demons if you reach the top of the tower? Fool! They are all liars!

Khaos: I’m Khaos the lord of all gods. If you humans do not cherish the rich elements in this land, we’ll take it all!

Glauox: Summoner, something bad happened! An extensive amount of elements flows back to the realm, causing a distortion on the land...Is that Hel’s Fenrir? Why is it here? Let’s chase after it!


The scene suddenly changed from Enochian Tower to the North. At this moment, a gorgeous lady threatened Summoner with a spear. She was someone who shouldn’t have existed in the history——Frigg the wife of Odin, also the cause of all distorted historical events.


Frigg: I didn’t expect you could push me hard enough to use “his” power. Odin, I have no option but to kill you today. And you too, Summoner, you don’t belong here.


The scene swiftly changed to a mechanical city, bringing Summoner to a confrontation with a girl. Despite some bumps in the execution of plan, the girl managed to see it through with the cost of her life, which shouldn’t have existed in the first place. At her last breath, she spoke with a hopeful smile.


Virginia: Let’s witness the birth of miracles, Summoner.  I hope you can spread them for me.


A sudden metal clash sounded from behind; turning around, Summoner found himself in a dark underground city. There was a gigantic metal standing ahead; something was crawling at a corner——the mechanized Shamash.


Shamash: Hahaha!  You’re just a flawed waste, a useless descendant of them.  Even though you defeat me, they’re not going to make you one of them.  No one can trample on my pride!

Shamash: No one can!


Shamash waved her enormous mechanic arm, conjuring an ominous element on her palm to slap——


Summoner: Whoa——!


Floor 2 Distortion Corrected


Summoner: Huff——Huh? Those were...the memories of the past battles...I’ve been fighting to stop the war on the realm...But where am I now?


This dimension was boundless and colourless; Infinite star-like speckles were twinkling vaguely, making the black and white space less dull. Summoner was flowing at the very center.


Summoner: Glauox isn’t here…

Summoner: “This space reminds me of the place I went after defeating Virginia...It doesn’t seem to be real…”


A strand of light beam appeared out of the blue. When it wrapped Summoner up, the feeling was very secure as if lying inside mother’s womb.


???: Here we are again, the child of destiny chosen by elements… “His” avatar…

Summoner: It’s you...The “he” Frigg talked about...The origin of the realm...So what history do I need to fix again this time?

???: You’ve done good enough. Her strength is contained all thanks to you, defending the truth of the world. Because you’ve set the elements free from the gods, a sudden surge of energy drove her insane...the poor creature that fused with me.

Summoner: Her...Do you mean Shamash?

???: Yes. They the Eldus mastered history and control of time. Because of that, I was confused by the history of the universe, producing a lot of distortions. Now that I’m wide awake, it’s time to solve the crisis.

Summoner: You have a way to save the realm?

???: No, it’s not me. You’re the only one who can. All I can do is to guide you through the beginning of everything. The key to stop this mess is the knowledge of the past.

???: Come with me. Let’s go through the origin of the realm...No, I should say the origin of the universe.


Floor 3 Birth of the Universe


A seed-like black dot appeared in nothingness. The dot gradually proliferated into lines, criss-crossing each other, eventually into planes.  They started building layers and evolved into a complete sphere. As time went by, a life was developed in the sphere; “it” was born eventually.


Azathoth: “It’s hurting me...who’s inside my body...I’m gonna rip you off!  Crush you!  No one can behave impudently inside me!”


The self-destruction of the very first life led to the birth of another life named Daoloth.


Daoloth: “I have to keep on creating, until I know what I am.”


After numerous attempts and failures, Daoloth who mastered creation created a planet, which was called the realm later in civilization.


Dragons, elves and beasts were the first few species residing on this land. Later in the time, Daoloth and Azathoth vanished for some reason, leaving nothing but abundant elements…


As time went by after the disappearance of Primordial Dragons, the power buried underground nurtured another lifeform——Machinas led by Pompeii.


Pompeii: I’ve been thinking about the meaning of our existence all this time.


Standing next to a huge hole, a fire-red figure gazed at a shiny sphere lying at the bottom. It was the existence that the Machinas worshipped for eternity——Monesis.


Pompeii: Now I know.  We’re born to set Monesis free.


Pompeii who realized his mission had been acting proactively, persuading different races to co-exist peacefully.


Zana: That Machina is incredible.  He has the most unique pulsation I’ve ever heard.  I hope to know more about him.

Behemoth: That Machina is the second one defeating me after you did.  And he is full of weird thoughts but they’re quite intriguing.  So I spare his life.

Bahamut: “Each individual is happy with equal status, striving to be better...How beautiful...I’ll protect this land at all costs.”


A lot of creatures joined Pompeii’s alliance because of their common faith. The land had a peaceful time until the the outsiders arrived...


Floor 4 War between Machinas and Eldus

Pompeii: Eldus, my good friend. You respect and love Monesis just like we do; The potential of your kind and the unity of our kind are both unique——

Shamash: Don’t compare us with you. We come here with glory, unlike you cold machine. We can never understand each other.


Led by Shamash, a group of extraterrestrial visitors named Eldus came to the realm and started a war against the Machinas…


Pompeii had been showing kindness in spite of the Eldus’ aggressive behaviors. All he got in return was reckless attacks, which had injured many of his friends.


Pompeii eventually understood the fact that they could never co-exist when the Eldus invaded Mech City. He felt tremendous pain when he held the burnt feminine-type Machina in his arms.


Pompeii: I don’t want to be controlled by hatred and anger, but I have no choice…Monesis, may you punish those who hurt our kind!


Pompeii utilized his full strength to regain control from Shamash, activating the ultimate seal of Mech City. Starting from this point of time, all living creatures inside were cut off from the rest of the world…


???: Those were the historical events that happened in this realm. I believe you’ve already learnt them from Behemoth, Zana and Bahamut.

Summoner: Yes. They let me read their memories through elements.

???: Then let’s go through the history that you don’t know...

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