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Cang Bi's Infiltration

To retrieve Monesis from Machinas, the Eldus created an inferior life form named “Earthlings” based on their own physiques. The earthlings were loyal servants of the Eldus, they existed for wars.

The combatants had always obeyed the orders of the Eldus, but when they discovered that the Eldus would sacrifice the lives of earthlings to strengthen their own power and that they were manipulated merely as a tool, the seeds of a rebellion against the Eldus were sown.

Among the earthlings, Leonard trusted the Eldus wholeheartedly until he accidentally witnessed the maleficence of Enlil. After being saved by the Cang Bi the Runedragon, he started to investigate what evil had the Eldus done. The series of events laid the foundation for the earthlings' rebellion later.

The eldus Enkidu was captivated by the earthling Elpis and kept her with him.

They fell for each other and eventually Elpis bore Enkidu's child, who would bring enormous influence to the world.

Chapter 3

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