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Genesis of Primordial Dragons

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The universe was but an empty void at the beginning of time, only Azathoth, the origin of all matter, posesses consciousness. Awaken from a long slumber, it destructed its body where Daoloth sprang from. The instinct of Azathoth was to destroy, yet Daoloth to create. Ceaselessly, they destroyed and created countless organisms in the universe.

Daoloth, the creator, designed the silhouette of Continent Tarones, as well as the three species of Dragons, Beasts and Elves with his own power. Azathoth, the destroyer, followed Daoloth to the continent. It finally dawned on them that creation and destruction were not necessarily irreconcilable.

Later, Azathoth and Daoloth disappeared from Continent Tarones for unknown reasons, but they left behind a kind of energy named Monesis. The blessings of Monesis gave birth to a new species, Machina, whose fellows assembled to form cities.

Chapter 1

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