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Chapter 3

Creeds of Earthlings

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  Zack the earthling had only one thought in his mind when he first saw Valanthe the elf.


  “Ah...She’s an utterly different individual than me, colourful, mesmerizing and eye-catching. She’s also the type that I can’t handle.”


  Valanthe, the heir to the throne of Arcus elves, was invited to have a guest stay in the Eldus’s territory. In fact, she was being held hostage.


  Shamash had arranged a grand welcome for Valanthe. In the lounge, a crowd of earthlings were greeting the arrival of Valanthe. 


  Even though Valanthe knew that she was merely a prisoner here, she never displayed any fear or frustration. Wearing a stunning dress, every move of her was a kind of pride that could capture the others’ minds. Zack was one of them.


  At that moment, Zack never foreseen a chance to approach this dazzling precious.


  Yet fate was not something predictable, which somehow connected individuals in a miraculous way.


  At the same night, Shamash summoned Zack.


  “Starting from tomorrow, you’ll be serving Valanthe the princess of Arcus. You shall comply with all her orders except leaving the forest,” Shamash ordered sternly.




  As a tool produced by the Eldus, obedience was Zack’s only option.


  Next day, Zack knocked on Valathe’s door, but he got nothing in response. It remained the same when he knocked again.


  “Did she escape?”


  The panicked Zack put away his manner and entered the room. Inside which, the whole space was only vaguely illuminated by the moonlight. Valathe was sitting by the window ledge weeping. Tears were shining as they rolled down on her cheeks. Her vulnerability constituted a great contrast to her pride.


  “She’s crying...I thought a tough one like her would never cry…”


  An unspoken sympathy drove Zack to approach Valanthe, who began to sense his presence.


  “Who?” Valanthe stared at Zack vigilantly.




  Zack was shut up by a book thrown at him, which scratched his forehead to bleed.


  “How dare you! Who let you in!” Valanthe switched from fragile to domineering, beautiful yet dangerous like a rose with thorns.


  “Please forgive me...At Lady Shamash’s order, I’m here to serve you, your highness,” Zack introduced himself.


  “Humph! Save it. You’re just Shamash’s spy.”


  “...I, Zack, will comply with every order you give except leaving the forest.”


  “Oh,” Valanthe gave a mocking grin. She pointed at her feet and said, “kneel down and kiss my feet then.”




  Zack followed her order although he didn’t get the meaning behind. Kneeling down, he lifted up Valanthe’s left foot carefully.


  “Her foot is so tiny compared to my hand. I feel like I might break it if I squeeze harder…”


  Bending his body forward, Zack slowly kissed Valanthe’s foot——




  Before his lips touched her skin, Valanthe slapped Zack as hard as she could.


  “Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself?” Valanthe yelled with her face completely blushed.


  Valanthe then stormed back to her bedroom and slammed the door, leaving Zack stunned.


  “I didn’t know that there’s such a side in her…”


  This was how their story began. Zack stood by at the doorstep everyday to wait for Valanthe’s order.


  Although Valanthe often made absurd orders, Zack would try his best to fulfill them. As time went by, he began to know more about Valanthe——tough and glamourous on the outside, but fragile and sensitive on the inside.


  Zack was unable to take his eyes off Valanthe——her displeased pouts, her nostalgic weeps, her prankster smiles and…


  Every night Zack longed for another morning to meet Valanthe. He thought he would be satisfied with the status quo, but his optimism ended very soon——


  This was the thirtieth day of Valanthe’s stay. Just like another day, Zack dressed properly and came to her room, but the door was left unlocked.


  Minimal noise was sounded inside the room. Entering anxiously, Zack saw a nerve-wrecking scene——Valanthe was making out with a shirtless male earthling on the bed.


  With erupted rage, Zack’s body acted faster than his brain. He turned the purplish mana into shadow to tie up the male earthling, who was on top of Valanthe.




  As the suffocated earthling begged, Zack tossed him to the door and shouted, “GET OUT!”


  “Valanthe, what happened to you?” Zack asked nervously, lifting up the exhausted Valanthe.


  “Just my rut period,” the blushed Valanthe grinned seductively.


  “We the Arcus elves have a regular oestrus period, and it’s a torment to us. I spent some effort finding a mate and now you just sabotaged it...Mmm…”


  Valanthe’s arousing moan and her intense body scent were tearing down Zack’s long-obeying values.


  “Let me soothe your pain.”


  As Zack stroked Valanthe’s cheek, he started panting and his body became  burning hot.


  This was his first time acting out of his own desire. All this time he thought that he had none, but it was just locked up in the deepest of his heart.


  Zack wanted to possess; He wanted total control; he wanted to occupy this being that was too beautiful to be true.


  Pinning the burning hot Valanthe on the bed, Zack kissed her aggressively. He let his sensibility override his senses; He let his instinct rule his body, leaving his marks on the body that he once thought untouchable...

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