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Floor 1 Courage to Sacrifice

While Ishtar was healing Saint, two figures crashed into the skyscraping metal at the beginning of the treatment. It didn’t take Saint long to recognize Cang Bi and Leonard, who had been stalling the demons for him to catch up with Ishtar.

Saint: They need help!

Cang Bi and Leonard were at a disadvantage in the battle. Saint stood back on his feet regardless of his injuries, but he lost balance again as a quake happened. Ishtar caught him from stumbling immediately.

Saint: What is...this? 

The sky was occupied by the darkness that was even darker than nightfall. Meanwhile, ominous purple tentacles and golden tentacles grew out of the center of the city entrance. Yet they were just wiggling on the ground as if they were under restraint.

Enlil: Aw, the great origin. I’m so close to your liberation. Please wait for me, and the children you nurtured.

Enlil raised Elpis’s baby into the air, who had his tiny body devoured by the darkness that had been contained earlier.

Saint: No...If this goes on, the baby will die and Enlil will use the power to crush Pompeii’s seal. Then the origin of destruction will be awakened...This world...No, even the entire universe will be destroyed.

Saint: I...I can’t sit back. She must be stopped!

Ishtar: “Things got out of hand because of my weakness...I must be responsible for the sin I’ve committed.”

Ishtar stopped Saint from leaving as she had made up her mind. Turning around, his eyes met her determined gaze.

Ishtar: Saint, leave this to me. I’ll stop them.

Saint: But how are you going to stop them alone...Are you gonna use that spell!? No! You’ll——

Ishtar put her finger onto Saint’s lips. At this moment, the face that used to be described as “beautiful yet unapproachable” was softened by a transcending kindness, and she gave a rare smile.

Ishtar: Unbelievable, isn’t it? Earlier I was acting selfish because I was scared of death, but Saint, it’s you who brought me relief. You encouraged me with your words, and now let me open a window in the darkness for you.

Saint: Ishtar...May your name be carved onto truth. May your soul rest in the galaxy without the restraint of karma.

Holding Ishtar’s hand, Saint gave a sincere kiss that contained his love, forgiveness and blessing on the back of her hand.

Saint: In the name of stars.

Floor 2 Spears of Soul

Standing at the top of the twisted metal, Ishtar felt tremendously guilty as she gazed at the realm shrouded in purple and red haze.

Ishtar: “I can’t let them mess this land up again!”

Ishtar conjured her power to resonate with the spell previously prepared underneath, which was shining continuously. When the light reached the maximum luminosity, the spell rose from the ground, compressed itself to a palm size and drilled into Ishtar’s eyes.

Ishtar: Mmm…

A huge pain was sent from her eyes, which was soothed a bit after closing tightly for a while. When she opened her eyes again, a shiny spell was revealed in her pupils. Spreading her arms, she allowed crimson flames to land on her body, which were dancing vividly.

As she breathed out, a miraculous red fume was exhaled from her mouth. Next second, the fume transformed into five spears, ascending slowly into the air together with Ishtar.

The five spears started turning as Ishtar waved her arm, aiming at the five demons at the scene——Shudde, Lloigor, Zhar, Vulthoom and Enlil.

Ishtar: “My soul, please make my wish come true. Seal all malice and evilness!”

Ishtar activated the forbidden spell and forged five spiritual spears with the flame of soul. Under her control, the spears were casted at the five demons.

Shudde: Humph! You really believe that these craps can take us down——Hmm!

Shudde the demon caught a spear with his bare hand, but the spear turned into a translucent human to grab him back at the moment they made contact. The human shape looked exactly the same as Ishtar, dragging Shudde into the ground.

Translucent Spirit: “Sleep underground with me for eternity.”

Shudde: No...No! No way——Let go——Mmm!

Despite the struggle, Shudde was overpowered by the spirit who was stronger than it seemed. Eventually he got dragged into the land with his power sealed, falling into an eternal slumber.

The same went to the others as they didn’t know that the spears were made of Ishtar’s soul.

Lloigor and Zhar acted in sync to stop the spear with tentacles together, but it broke free and grasped their tentacles in its human form. The twins were eventually dragged into a deep valley on the continent.

In the meantime, Vulthoom braced herself to swallow the spear. Next second, she experienced a serious cramps and was dragged to the ground. She didn’t know that the spear had changed to its human form inside her, who scrambled her internal organs then broke a way out to seal her.

Floor 3 Defense and Fight Back

Enlil: “Don’t think that you can stop me!”

In a short period of time, Ishtar managed to seal the demons underground except her——North hiding inside Enlil. Sensing the unusualness of the spear, she protected herself with the destructive power by carrying the baby. The spear was bounced away to the forest afar, sticking into the soil.

Ishtar: “Sigh...It failed...It was so close…”

As the soul was drained, Ishtar couldn’t even sustain herself to float in the air, falling down…

Saint crippled over to catch Ishtar. At this moment, Ishtar's eyes contained relief in spite of her blindness.

She used to observe his facial profile closely whenever he was around. And she could still recognize him by the scent when the day of her blindness came.

Ishtar: Saint...You’re Saint...Sorry...I couldn’t stop her...Sorry…

Saint: No...It’s...more than enough…

Saint wept, dropping a drip of soft warmth on Ishtar’s face. Reaching out to search, she found Saint’s face. Without the eyesight, she tried to remember him as much as she could through touching.

Ishtar: Enlil...North the demon...I’m the one who awakened this monster. My lie has taken its hope away...It’s my sin…

Saint: It’s our sin...Ishtar, don’t worry. The gospel of stars will look after everything in the universe. He never ceases to share love and truth...He’ll bring us hope.

Ishtar: Thank you, Saint. I’ll look after you among the stars and pray for you…

Ishtar smiled. Even though the essence of life had faded away in her iris, the smile remained peaceful, as if she was embraced by the beautiful dreamland…

Floor 4 Merge with Destruction

Cang Bi: Saint!

A dragon flew over and landed with mist. When the mist faded, the dragon shapeshifted into a man, meeting Saint along with Leonard.

Leonard: The spears were powerful...Huh? She…

Leonard realized that Ishtar was gone as he spotted her pale complexion and still body.

Cang Bi: I’m...sorry

Saint: Don’t be. This is her choice, and I’m proud of her courage and love. Under the gospel of stars, we’ll reunite one day.

???: Don’t worry. You’ll see her soon.

Cang Bi: Watch out everyone!

Cang Bi swiftly conjured his runedragon shield to protect Saint and Leonard. Still, the incoming strike was more aggressive than it seemed, which penetrated the shield enhanced by elemental power.

Cang Bi: “She broke my defense with one hit…”

Enlil: I thought this hit could put you all down. Seems Runedragon’s power is getting into my way.

Cang Bi: Enlil...Her power is much stronger than before...And it’s still growing!

Saint: “Growing stronger...Is she…”

Boom! Thunderstrike brightened the sky, allowing Saint to have a clear image——The purple haze and the golden light extended from the city entrance were tangled together, forming two immense red shades on the dark sky.

Under the red shades were layers of purple haze, which were connected to the baby floating in the air as if he was the power source. Meanwhile, Enlil was standing underneath, bathing in the blessing of the origin force.

Enlil: Aw, this feels awesome. Is this the power of our mother? Such a tiny portion is powerful enough to destroy this realm.

Saint: “I knew it...Pompeii’s seal is collapsing. If this goes on, the source of destruction will be awakened. She must be stopped before everything’s too late!”

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