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Chapter 9

Olden Trio

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    The gloomy sky floated above the land, constructing a suffocating vibe. Lightning flashed from time to time, hinting at an upcoming change.


The Runedragon clan was blind to this unsettling sign. They continued to travel between the mountain peak and an unfinished floating fort.


Not long ago, the war between Machinas and Eldus induced mutation of the underground vessels, turning them into aggressive stranger things. With their collective efforts, the clan remained safe for now. But to avoid future wars, the clan decided to migrate by building a fort in the sky, isolating themselves from the rest of the creatures.


During the construction, the Elemental Beast clan had sent a lobbyist to persuade the dragons about forming an alliance to resist the invasion of the Eldus. Yet Chi Zhang and the other dragons rejected immediately, for they only wanted to focus on a new home for themselves.


“Let’s call it a day. The construction progress is going faster than we’ve expected. No need to hurry,” said Chi Zhang the Runedragon to a golden dragon next to it after putting a floating rock into a gap.


Frowning anxiously, Huang Cong the golden dragon responded, “I want to keep going. I just want to get rid of those troubles as soon as possible!”


“But...Don’t be so hard on  yourself.”


As Huang Cong’s Souliade, Chi Zhang knew its stubbornness better than anyone, so it had no intention to convince Huang Cong. Leaving Huang Cong alone, Chi Zhang returned to their original habitat——the peak of the highest mountain.


“Huh? What’s that?”


Chi Zhang was alerted by something on the arduous cliff. “Are those vessels again?...I should take a look over there.”


Staying hidden with the geographic advantage, Chi Zhang slowly approached where strange activity was taking place. When it finally got a clear image, Chi Zhang was completely shocked——troops of Eldus and Earthlings were assembling on the mountain trail.


“They...They are going to raid us! I must tell everyone!”


It didn’t take Chi Zhang long to figure out their intention. Just when it was sneaking out, a woman floating in the air blocked the way.


“Aw. How naughty are you, you sneaky eavesdropper,” said Enlil the grinning woman, but she pulled out a crimson-edged sword.


“...You have no place to say that, intruder,” said Chi Zhang, staring at Enlil vigilantly. It attempted to search for an escape window, but Enlil figured out its intention.


“Don’t ever try to escape.”


Raising the sword, Enlil was exuded with bloodlust, but Chi Zhang didn’t take her seriously.


“We the Runedragons have the toughest elemental shield that can block all attacks! I’m not afraid of her!” 


Summoning elemental power, Chi Zhang’s scales turned into bright red armor.


“Take me down if you can!” Chi Zhang spread it wings to fly towards Enlil.


Meanwhile, Enlil mumbled to cast a couple of enchantments around her sword, igniting the sword in crimson red. In the blink of an eye, the sword was combusted as if an ablaze blossom. 


The fearless Chi Zhang clashed with the fire sword. The contact point between the armor and the sword sparkled. After a round of tug-o-war, the fire won.


Unable to resist the high temperature, Chi Zhang’s armor melted, letting the sword cut into its flesh. 




Chi Zhang screamed painfully; the severely injured body dropped in the air and got stuck between a rock gap. Apart from the physical injury, it was completely stunned by its failure.


“H-How come she can break through my defense…” Chi Zhang murmured in shock.


“Have you heard of Elemental Beasts?”


Standing in front of Chi Zhang, Enlil stroked her sword gently as if caressing her lover.


“Elemental Beasts...They live in the mineral basin…”


“Exactly. Do you know that their blood can decompose mana...which is what you called elements. And this sword is made of their blood. I worked so hard to keep the blood fresh.”


“Decompose element...So that’s why my defense was cracked...Cough…” The injury was so severe that it made Chi Zhang cough up blood.


“Then rest in peace”


Enlil circulated power to activate her sword again. Then she pointed the ablaze sword at Chi Zhang and thrusted——


Bang! A thunder struck between Enlil and Chi Zhang, which made Enlil drop her sword. In a split second, something swept across to take the wounded Chi Zhang to the high ground.


“Here you are…” Chi Zhang looked at Huang Cong who just saved it from death.


“Yes. Not only me, but everyone is here. Don’t worry,” Huang Cong comforted, showing its rare tenderness. As Chi Zhang’s Souliade, it sensed Chi Zhang’s danger and brought backup to rescue it.


Meanwhile, all other Runedragons rested on the mountain, glaring at the Eldus. A confrontation began between the two sides. At this moment, a crimson dragon came forward and stared at Enlil from above.


“We meet again,” said Enlil, reaching her hand at Yan Pu the crimson dragon. Her gaze was so harmless that no one would’ve believed her invasion. 


“I’m here to break your toughest shield.”


“Alien Eldus, we have no intention to step into your war, but you’ve been provoking us repeatedly. And now you even hurt my fellows…” Yan Pu conjured the power to fuse element into its scale, which had transformed into a magnificent armor.


Other dragons also followed as they conjured power, oozing a strong will to fight.


Squinting the eyes, Yan Pu glared at Enlil and announced with intimidating breath, “we will make you pay for it!”

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