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Chapter 8

Olden Trio

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    In the ancient age on the planet later called the “realm”, there nurtured a diversified ecosystem of abundant species. One of the creatures called “Elemental Beast” resided on a wide mineral basin. Despite previous conflicts with the nearby clans, different creatures managed to live in harmony with Pompeii the Machina’s coordination.


    However, the peace was broken by the visit of the extraterrestrial Eldus. Not only they had been hostile to the indigenous creatures, but invaded Mech City, causing an abnormal activity——the supposed city entrance was blocked by a powerful seal.


    Upon the incident, the vessels underground mutated, turning into monstrous stranger things. As for the remaining Eldus, the loss of fellows had driven them insane, slaughtering the creatures on the realm.


    Spencer, one of the Elemental Beasts, proposed a cooperation with the Runedragon clan to the beast clan’s grandmaster. Putting his words into action, he went to the mountain peak to lobby with the dragons. In the meantime, many survivors of the other species sought shelter at Elemental Beast’s habitat.


    “Drink some water.”


    Inside a cave, Veronica the Elemental Beast offered a pot of clear water to the injured elves and beasts. Then she crushed the iron orbs to feed the cubs, which had kept her busy for a day..


    “I wish Spencer could be here. He should be back anytime soon,” Veronica thought.


    Boom! A deafening noise sounded from the deepest of the cave, and it spread to where Veronica and the others were. Meanwhile, the top was crumbling during the fierce earthquake.


    “This place is collapsing! Everybody run with me!” Veronica shouted to warn the young beasts and the patients, while running towards the exit.


    Crack crack!


    Before they had escaped the cave for long, the whole mine collapsed, filling the entire basin with dust and dirt. A part of Veronica’s soul was buried when her home was destroyed in a second. At this moment, all she could feel was burning rage and endless grief.




    Veronica turned around as soon as she heard a scream from behind, and she saw a man kidnapping a young Elemental Beast.


    “Wow, it’s exactly like what Enlil said! I’ll get my prey just by waiting at the entrance,” said the man, one of the Eldus. He scratched the young beast with a blade. As the blood dripped, the droplets turned into crystals before it reached the ground.


    “Boohoo...It hurts..IT HURTS!”


    The man showed no sympathy at all when the young beast moaned in agony. He even spoke out loud with joy, “so it’s true that your blood will become crystal! Amazing!”


    “You bastard! Let him go!” 


    Yelling angrily, Veronica tried to pounce on the man, but she was blocked by a light shield conjured by him.


    Veronica refused to give up and charged again, but her effort also went in vain.


    “Ha. Come get him if you can, but first you must break this mana shield,” the man teased.


    “...Humph! Watch how I crack this trash-like shield!”


    Raising her claws, Veronica made eight scratches  on her chest. When the purple blood was shed, it reflected glamorously in the air and consolidated into an armor on Veronica.


    Tightening all muscles, she crouched down to charge power on her legs. Next second, she was nowhere to be seen——


    Clash! The light shield was crushed; the man was blasted away by Veronica, crashing deep into a tree trunk. Meanwhile, Veronica caught the young beast who was thrown into the air, putting him back to the ground safe and sound. 


    The moment when the beast returned to the ground, he rushed into Veronica’s embrace and cried, while the other young beasts did the same.


    “Boohoo...Veronica...It’s scary…”


    “It’s okay honey. I’ve got you,” Veronica comforted the young beast.


    At this moment, strange noises sounded from the other side of the basin.


    “My fellows must be battling over there. I need to help them!”


    After settling a safe hideout for the others, Veronica rushed to the battlefield as fast as she could. By the time she arrived, it was already too late——


    The entrance of the mineral basin was occupied by Eldus and Earthlings, the servants created by Eldus. A dozen of Elemental Beasts was trapped by Eldus’ enchantment. With this hostage situation, Veronica decided to stay hidden in the forest, for she couldn’t take the risk.


    At this moment, a woman came to one of the hostages, cutting a wound with a jewel blade. The blood splashed turned into crystals before it touched the ground.


    Enlil the woman grasped a crystal and examined under the sun. Then she gave a loving smile and said, “aw, what a precious. Not only it looks stunning, but also can decompose mana. By using it properly, we’ll be able to defeat those toughest shield.”


    Veronica’s rationality was blinded by fury when she saw what Enlil had done.


    “Dammit! How dare these god-damned scum tortured my fellows! You won’t get away from this!”


    Before she pounced on the Eldus, someone dragged her back by biting her at the neck. Much as she wanted to fight back, Veronica was stunned by the identity of the one who interfered.






    Veronica nodded when Spencer signalled to keep quiet. She leaned close and whispered, “good to see you back. Let’s go save our fellows.”


    Yet Spencer shook his head sternly and said, “we can’t. We’re outnumbered, and I just found a lot of wounded beasts inside the cave. We must rescue those who trapped inside first.”


    “But…” Although Spencer was right, Veronica still felt hurt inside. 


    “So we’re just gonna sit back and watch the Eldus take them away!?”


    “Yes...That’s all we can do. Don’t you think I wouldn’t feel hurt!? I’m not afraid of death, but acting reckless now will only lead to the doom of our clan. By that time, we won’t be able to save anyone.”




    “Don’t expect that victory will arrive like a miracle,” said Spencer, looking right into Veronica’s eyes. “But as long as we don’t give in, someday victory will come to us.”


    Veronica, convinced by Spencer, nodded and left with him. Before the departure, she took one last look at the fellows and swore to herself, “I will save all of you!”

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