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Chapter 7

Olden Trio

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    Pada pada——


    The sound of gallops echoed in the mine loudly, startling Spencer the Elemental Beast, who was concentrating on iron mining.


“Spencer, it’s time to patrol.”


The creature running into the mine was Veronica, another Elemental Beast. Spencer and Veronica were similar in terms of age and interests, so they were very close with each other.


“Wait. Put this on first,” said Spencer, giving Veronica an iron chest armor. “Those mutated vessels are dangerous. This armor should keep you safe.”


Both Spencer and Veronica belonged to the Elemental Beast clan, the species that resided in the mineral basin surrounded by mountains. They had lived a peaceful life until an unorthodox noise sounded in Mech City. Since then, the realm had changed.


The broad net of metal pipes called “vessels” located underground had mutated, turning into hostile stranger things that attacked the clan. The Elemental Beasts successfully exterminated all invaders with their overpowering strength. Still, the grandmasters of the clan decided to establish regular patrols in order to keep the cubs safe.


“Thank you,” Veronica said as she put the chest armor on. When the two beasts were ready, they left the mine and started the duty.




Before the two beasts had patrolled for long, they heard a scream coming from the forest surrounding the mountain.


“This is…”


“Let’s head over there!” Veronica ran towards the scream without a moment of thinking, while Spencer followed behind. Very soon, they found a group of Minerelves cornered by mutated vessels.


Veronica cut up a wound to make the purple fluid seep, which was her dark element-fused blood. When the elemental power was activated, the blood became a radiant sword to slash the mutated vessels. 


Slash! Penetrated by the blood sword, the mutated vessels withered immediately like a dead plant. Next second, the dead vessels broke down into dust.


“Are you alright?” Spencer asked the elves in concern, and he found that one of them had its arm severed.


“Your arm...What happened?”


“Eldus...Those intruders...They hunted us for getting weapon materials...We barely escaped...Boohoo…” The minerelf wept.


At this moment, Veronica came over to comfort them with her paw. “You’re safe now. Let me take you to rest,” she said.


After arranging a hideout for the minerelves, Spencer and Veronica reported the incident to the clan’s grandmaster. The atmosphere in the room suddenly became gloomy and suffocating.


“This is the third case already,” said the grandmaster woefully. “Those Eldus are exterminating all creatures on the realm like revenging.”


“We can’t sit back and do nothing about it. We should form an alliance with other clans to expel those invaders,” Spencer suggested. “Please allow me to seek help from the Runedragons.”


“The Runedragons? That’s impossible!” Veronica disapproved immediately and continued, “they didn’t even meet Pompeii the Machina when he visited them.”


“Things have changed. With the current threatening situation, maybe they will listen.  Better than doing nothing,” said Spencer with a smile.


“Spencer is right. Trying doesn’t hurt anyway.”


“Then...I’ll go with you,” said Veronica.


“No. If you come with me, you’ll be getting into a fight before we start talking.”


Spencer knew Veronica’s temper very well. He patted her hand to reassure her, “let me handle it. In the meantime, take care of our home for me.”


Next day, Spencer headed to the Runedragons’ habitat alone. Despite encountering the mutated vessels on the way, he wiped them out easily with the power of Elemental Beast. Very soon, he arrived at an arduous mountain, where the dragons lived on the peak.


Just when Spencer was about to climb the mountain, he spotted a shadow shrouding above him. Lifting up his head, he saw a golden dragon diving down quickly.


“That...It’s targeting me!”


Spencer dodged as soon as he realized he was being targeted——


Boom! Huang Cong the golden dragon smacked a dent on the spot where Spencer had been.


“Humph! You won’t be that lucky next time! Take this!” Huang Cong ascended to prepare for the next strike.


While Spencer was dodging, he tried to explain, “wait! I mean no harm. I just want to discuss——”


“Shut your mouth! You’re just the same as those Eldus scum!” 


The enraged Huang Cong generated electricity to attack Spencer with thunderstrikes——


“Huh? Why doesn’t it hurt?”


Spencer was perplexed as he didn’t feel any pain. Next second, he saw an azure figure shielding above him.


“Cang Bi! Why did you protect him!” Huang Cong yelled agitatedly, bashing its body at Cang Bi.


“He’s no enemy at all! It’s you who attacked him out of the blue!” Cang Bi refuted both verbally and physically.


The two dragons were fighting each other until a crimson dragon showed up, who subdued them onto the ground with both hands.


“Are you two done yet?” Yan Pu the crimson dragon said.


As they finally calmed down, they looked away to avoid seeing each other’s face. At this moment, Yan Pu shook its head with a sigh. It then asked Spencer, “please accept my apology. It was Huang Cong’s fault. Are you hurt?”


“I’m alright, thanks to Cang Bi,” Spencer answered.


“Good to hear that. Excuse me but could you please leave the mountain?”


Much as it sounded like a question, Yan Pu actually meant a no to Spencer’s visit. Despite its strong rejection, Spencer didn’t give up.


“I’m here on behalf of the Elemental Beast clan, hoping to form an alliance with the Runedragons to defeat the Eldus.”


“No way! Why should we get involved into these pointless wars!” Huang Cong said immediately.


“Those Eldus have already wiped out few species. If we don’t do something, I’m afraid that they will come to you very soon.”


“Humph! It’s not your concern.” Huang Cong continued proudly, “we’ve decided to build a sky fort. No one will be able to disturb us by then!”


“But if we sit back, more innocent lives will be——Mmm!” Cang Bi had its mouth covered by Yan Pu.


“I feel sorry for that, but there’s nothing we can do either,” Yan Pu said calmly. “I suggest that you better not seek for more troubles. Protect your own clan.”


“It has a strong stance…” 


Feeling disappointed at first, Spencer soon braced himself and told Yan Pu, “I respect your choice, but my clan won’t just leave others to die. You’re welcome to find us if you need help.”


Yan Pu was stunned by Spencer’s words at first; then it nodded to acknowledge his promise. The two departed separately...

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