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Chapter 4

Olden Trio

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  At twilight, the sky was painted aesthetically amber and lilac. An azure Runedragon and a maroon Runedragon soared from a mountain into the clouds.


  Runedragons lived by consuming the element-filled clouds, which explained their hovering habit.


  “I see why Yan Pu loves feasting at dusk. The clouds taste sweeter for real…” Shui Huan the azure Runedragon thought as it looked at the way Yan Pu gulfed the clouds, “but the sky looks strange lately...It feels very depressed…”


  “Shui Huan, you aren’t hungry? Why the dazed look,” Yan Pu asked, who noticed the absent-minded Shui Huan.


  “Huh?” Returning to reality, Shui Huan blinked and responded, “my mind just slipped away…”


  “You’ve been spacing out lately. Are you feeling ill?” Yan Pu approached Shui Huan, pressing its head as a caring gesture.


  “I’m fine,” said Shui Huan, smiling at Yan Pu.


  “It’s just an unsettling something bad is gonna happen…”


  “You always have a precise hunch...Is it gonna get into trouble again?” Yan Pu’s gaze sharpened as its pupils contracted.


  Some arguing noises sounded below, signalling an on-going conflict.


  “Humph. Speaking of the devil,” said Yan Pu, turning to Shui Huan and continued, “let’s head back first.”


  Nodding to comply, Shui Huan followed Yan Pu back to the habitat of Runedragons——the highest mountain on the realm. There was an immense dragon bone stuck into the peak, surrounded by countless rocks. Among all, water stream ran down from the largest one; the water gathered into a small lake around the bone, creating a special vibe.


  Meanwhile, two dragons, one blue one gold, were fighting with each other. Other dragons stayed above the rocks to avoid getting into it.


  “Don’t you insult my friends! Take back what you’ve said!”


  “I said nothing wrong. It’s you the dragon without Souliade——”


  “Huang Cong, shut up!” Yan Pu yelled, “you shouldn’t have said such thing no matter what!”


  “...Sorry,” Huang Cong reluctantly apologized.


  “Why apologize? I’m a heretic in everyone’s eyes, the dragon born without Souliade,” Cang Bi threw sarcasm at Huang Cong.


  Runedragons were born in pairs. The dragons born together was destined to be each other’s soulmate for eternity, which was the meaning of “Souliade”. Cang Bi was the only dragon born alone, making it the special one of the clan. Some of its kind, such as Shui Huan, were sympathetic to him; yet some of them, like Huang Cong, alienated him.




  Yan Pu stopped Huang Cong from going mad with a stern gaze. Then it turned to Cang Bi and asked, “Cang Bi, what did you do this time?”


  “I want everyone to meet the Machinas,” said Cang Bi with an enthusiastic look. It continued, “Pompeii wants us to become their ally. The Eldus have been provoking wars lately, so he needs our help to protect other creatures on the realm.”


  “Humph! Why should we? It’s none of our business!” Huang Cong refuted.


  “Why not? If we continue sitting back, someday the eldus may come to us!” Cang Bi defended his stance. Then he lobbied Yan Pu, “please. Just meet the Machinas first.”


  “...I can’t speak for the others. Let’s settle it this way,” said Yan Pu, looking at the other dragons to announce, “fly to the dragon bone if you agree with Cang Bi.”


  However, the dragons did nothing but stared at Cang Bi coldly.


  “This is not good...No one will be on my side if I don’t do something...I should at least get an ally first.” Cang Bi had an idea when it saw Shui Huan, who stood behind Yan Pu, “right. With Shui Huan’s popularity, they may change their minds if Shui Huan agrees with me.”


  Cang Bi came to Shui Huan, grabbed its forearm and asked pushily, “haven’t you saved them before? I believe such a kind dragon like you will support me.”


  “Huh? I…” The soft Shui Huan felt awkward about Cang Bi’s request. Although it didn’t oppose the suggestion, it had no intention to persuade the others too.


  Yet the pushy Cang Bi showed no patience for Shui Huan’s hesitation. When Cang Bi pulled harder, the absent-minded Shui Huan stumbled.


  “I-I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it!”


  Cang Bi apologized promptly as it had done something wrong, but the apology was already too late——Yan Pu was pissed off when its Souliade was pulled down.


  “Cang Bi, not getting what you want doesn’t mean you can act rude. I think you need to spend some time in jail to calm down.”


  “No, Yan Pu, I-I was just——” Shui Huan tried to plea for Cang Bi, but Huang Cong cut in.


  “I agree.”


  Having been waiting for this moment, Huang Cong subdued Cang Bi immediately. With Yan Pu’s help, they threw Cang Bi into the skeleton jail.


  “Sigh...When did everything go wrong...I’m too indecisive…” Shui Huan could do nothing but watch Cang Bi from being taken away.


  Few days later in a gloomy afternoon, a blasting noise and a fierce quake happened afar. When the quake ceased, Shui Huan saw a thick smoke rising from Mech City which anxioused it, but the other dragons acted as if nothing had happened.


  “ wrong...Right! Cang Bi!”


  Shui Huan came to the skeleton jail as soon as it recalled the imprisoned Cang Bi. Securing the safety of nearby area, it sneaked into the jail and headed to the cell at the end. Cang Bi, who had its limbs all chained up, turned its back to Shui Huan.


  “...Why are you here? To mock at me?” Cang Bi was being sarcastic at Shui Huan.


  “It’s not the time to be sarcastic!” Shui Huan shouted rarely, “your friends...the Machinas are under attack!”

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