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Chapter 10

Olden Trio

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  In the ancient time, a war broke out between Machinas and Eldus, which led to the shut down of Mech City. As the city was sealed, the Eldus inside were all trapped. Since then, the remaining Eldus had been acting insane, hunting the indigenous creatures on this planet.


  The Element Beast clan had sent Spencer as a lobbyist to persuade the Runedragon clan about the alliance. Unfortunately, the nativistic clan rejected the proposal immediately.


  Cang Bi was the only one opposed the nativism of the clan, so it visited the habitat of Elemental Beast alone. Yet everything was too late by the time it arrived. The clan had been raided by the Eldus; Spencer, Veronica and a couple of young beasts were the only survivors.


  For that, Cang Bi lent a helping hand to take care of the remaining survivors. When Veronica’s injury got better, Cang Bi suggested seeking aid from the Runedragon clan, and so they began the journey to the dragon habitat…


  Hovering around the sky, Cang Bi was reconnoitering at the metal pipes crawling all over the ground. The pipes were all intertwined together, acting like monstrous creatures.


  “Gotta make them inactive,” Cang Bi thought. Gathering power, the elemental-fused scale bulked as if an external membrane on its body, oozing chilling air.


  With its wings spread, Cang Bi launched a few blizzards, freezing the stranger things into ice.


  “Phew...That should be safe now.”


  After dealing with the stranger things, Cang Bi flew towards the forest, where gathered a bunch of elves and beasts.


  “Spencer, Veronica, I’ve frozen all vessels ahead. We can move on now,” said Cang Bi to two mature Elemental Beasts, who were taking care of the young beasts and the other injured creatures.


  “Runedragons are known for the toughest defense, but such a powerful attack is truly a surprise,” said Spencer.


  “Maybe it’s because I don’t have a Souliade, so my power always goes out of control,” Cang Bi answered generously. The conversation reminded it of the important one who resolved its trauma, saving it from being corrupted by solitude; but now it had long gone…


  “I’ve heard that Runedragons are born in pairs, and the dragons born together will be each other’s Souliade for eternity,” said Spencer.


  “You’re right, but I’m the only exception in my clan. None of us has figured out why until now…”


  “Let’s save the small talk for later.. Will those dragons accept us? They rejected Spencer already…” Veronica raised a question.


  “Trust me. I’ll do my best to convince them this time,” Cang Bi promised, smacking its chest confidently.


  Veronica had no choice but to put her faith in Cang Bi, and it would surely be a good thing to have one more ally.


  And the crew decided to continue the journey; as there were young beasts and patients, it took them more travelling time than usual. Fortunately, they arrived at the grassfield near the dragon habitat peacefully with the escort of Cang Bi.


  “Everyone cheer up! We’re very close to the destination. Look! That mountain peak is where we live,” Cang Bi said to cheer up the exhausted crew. Meanwhile, Spencer caught something wrong.


  “Cang Bi, something’s wrong...There’s a lot of smoke coming out from the mountain.”


  Spencer’s heart sank as it had a clue and said, “ the Eldus…”


  “I’ll head over there. You stay here!”


  The shocked Cang Bi soared over to the smoke.


  “I have a bad feeling…” Veronica thought as her eye was twitching. 


  “I’ll go with Cang Bi. Spencer, you stay here to take care everyone!”


  Veronica had started running before Spencer could respond, catching up with the flying Cang Bi. It didn’t take them too long to arrive at the Dragon Mountain, and they saw a mind-blowing scene——a crimson sword pierced through Yan Pu’s body. Its blood had splattered everywhere, tinting the rock into ruby red. Meanwhile, the other dragons were all wounded too.


  “You——How dare you hurt my fellows! Outrageous!”


  This bloody scene had incited the anguish and fury inside Cang Bi, and the elemental power surged as if echoing its agitating emotions, turning into deadly chill targeting at the enemies——the Eldus who were holding swords.


  The Eldus were all caught unprepared as they had never expected a backup. All their swords were shattered by Cang Bi’s attack but except Enlil’s, who defended in time with a shield. 


  This plot twist made Enlil frown.


  “Mmm, you’re way too powerful as a Runedragon,” Enlil complained while grinding the sword inside Yan Pu’s body, making the wound deeper. Tormented by unbearable pain, Yan Pu let out an agonizing roar.


  “Damn it! Let go of Yan Pu!”


  “Don’t go! It’s a trap!” Veronica tried to stop Cang Bi.


  The furious Cang Bi had already charged forward. Meanwhile, Enlil gave a grin and drew back her weapon. As she muttered, enchantment was casted to activate the sword. Next second, she thrusted the ignited sword at Cang Bi.


  Cang Bi protected itself with the element-fused scale armor.




  Cang Bi screamed painfully as the ablaze sword melted its armor.


  “Ha. You can never win the power of Elemental Beast——What’s this!?”


  Enlil saw a purple glow wrapping her sword up, and two forces were wrestling with each other.


  “Don’t you use my fellow’s blood!”


  The purple glow was from Veronica, who grasped the sword with her claws. Purple blood was dropped as the edge cut her skin open, sabotaging Enlil’s sword by decomposing it.


  “The blood of Elemental Beast is counteracting with each other!” Enlil finally figured out Veronica’s intention, but the purple blood was about to corrode her very soon. She had no choice but to throw away the sword.


  “Wait, what?”


  When Veronica thought Enlil would flee, the situation went out of her expectation——Enlil casted an extensive amount of elemental arrows at her.


  “Element, be my toughest shield!”


  Cang Bi roared as it summoned the elemental power, fending off Enlil’s attack.


  “Without the Elemental Beast’s blood, I can never hurt the Runedragons...All the weapons of Eldus were destroyed by that water dragon...We’ll only get defeated if we stay…”


  “Looks like we must call it a day,” said Enlil, who decided to retreat eventually. As for the Runedragons, they were too injured to pursue the Eldus. All they could do was nothing but to let them go.


  “The Eldus...I can’t have them living on this land anymore! I must defeat them!” Cang Bi swore to itself.

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