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Floor 1 Aggression and Possession

Before long when Enkidu and Cang Bi had returned to the eldus’s base, Rlim came back with the puppeteered Zack too. With the mark given by Enlil, he successfully passed the security check. On his way to seek Enlil, his plan changed when he saw Xada, who was acting alone.

Rlim: “That thing...has the clone-sealed container in her hands...Gegege…”

Rising from Zack’s shadow, Rlim climbed on the puppet-like Zack with a sinister and greedy grin.

Rlim: “Without encirclement and Enlil...What a great opportunity. Let me take over the power of the essence.”

Xada turned around vigilantly as soon as she caught a vague sound of footsteps.

Rlim: It’s me, your dearest brother. Stop the scowl please.

Xada: Cut that crap. I know you too well. I’m leaving if there’s nothing important. She’s waiting for me to bring the clone over.

Rlim didn’t stop Xada, for he knew that she wouldn’t listen. Instead, he used something else——making the baby cry by pinching him. The sound successfully drew her attention, who came over to Rlim and looked at the baby in his arms.

Xada: What’s this?

Rlim: The life conceived by the intercourse between an Eldus and an earthling. I found this intriguing, so I took him with me for fun. I can share a leg with you if you’re interested.

Xada: Humph. I ain’t interested in such a filth.

The baby cry covered the surrounding sound, which made Xada unable to sense the incoming danger behind her. Rlim, aware of the threat, warned her solemnly.

Rlim: Xada! Watch your back!

Floor 2 Node of Fates

Xada tilted her body to dodge an incoming curved blade as soon as she got Rlim’s warning. Looking back, she saw the attacker——an earthling with a unique code.

Xada: “How dare a low life like you resist! I’ll end you with death.”

Circulating her power, Xada conjured massive amount of bugs to immobilize the earthling. Then she gave a hard kick at the abdomen, blasting him away to a pillar, who passed out after breaking a dent on it.

Xada dropped her guard as the enemy was eliminated. She turned around at ease——Whoosh! The silence was broken by the piercing sound of flesh and bones. As she looked at Rlim’s right arm piercing through her heart, she felt her embryo——the core of an ancient demon in the heart was penetrated precisely. She glared at him with her facial expression twisted.

Xada: Rlim…You!

Rlim: That was good acting, wasn’t it? Aw, now I can have the power of the essence.

Xada: Even...if...I die...I won’t let you have the power of the essence!

Xada spent her last strength to crack the clone-sealed container. With the clone in her bloody right hand, she put it into the baby in Rlim’s arms! Next moment, a shockwave exploded, making Rlim drop the baby, who was protected by a purple haze from crashing onto the ground.

???: WAH-WAH——!

The baby burst into tears as the tiny body was unable to bear such an immense strength. In the meantime, Rlim was completely stunned by this plot twist. Next second, a deep fury erupted. There was no more playful grin on his face, but a pure bloodlust.

Rlim: Xada you bastard...You spent your last breath in defying me! Damn it damn it damn it!

Rlim surged his power while screaming crazily. The shade on the ground shook fiercely, and it eventually turned into countless spikes piercing into Xada. At this moment, the clean floor was stained red by the blood splattered from her.

Xada: Hehe...You’ll never...have its  blessing...NEVER!

The moment Xada was done speaking, she vanished into dust. Yet her last words haunted Rlim like a curse, who scratched his face to bleed due to his scrambled thoughts. Still, this couldn’t calm his resentment.

Rlim: Damn it damn it damn it! I need the power of the essence! I need to manipulate this divine power!

Rlim glimpsed at the crying baby, whose body was tainted with jet black. But in that jet black, there were some twinkles drifting. A grin appeared on Rlim’s face as he looked at that divine void.

Rlim: Right...I just have to swallow this thing...Swallow him. Turn him and the clone inside him into a part of me…

Before Rlim’s hand touched the baby, a metallic broadsword was thrown from afar, mutilating Rlim’s right hand.

Rlim: Whoa! Who...Who?

???: I won’t let you hurt my child!

Floor 3 Persistance to Creed

Rlim: Why are you still alive...Haven’t that guy killed you?

Elpis: Zack saved me.

Elpis: “And him..Kingu the Eldus…”

Dating back to the time when Elpis landed onto the shore after falling off the cliff, the first thing she did was returning to the tree hole where she had hidden her baby. Yet it contained nothing.

Elpis: He’s not here...Why? Did some beasts...No! Maybe...maybe I’m looking at the wrong tree. I should search——

???: No need. Your baby was taken.

Elpis: You’re...Kingu the Eldus...Did you take my baby away?

Kingu: Not me. The one attacked you and Zack did it.

Elpis: “Why did he take my baby away...Screw it! I need to get there as soon as possible to save my bloodline!”

When Elpis was about to leave, Kingu pulled her to stop. At this moment, Elpis turned around and threatened him with a knife.

Elpis: What do you want?

Kingu: Hey hey hey, calm down. I’m just trying to give you a little help.

Elpis stared at Kingu for a while before she retreated her weapon. Then Kingu took a few metal bars from the bag hanging on his belt.

Kingu: Alright. Take a look at the miracle I’m showing you.

As Kingu muttered an amazing language, mana started gathering on his palms, emitting halos. Next second, the metal on his hands was transformed into a sharp broadsword.

Kingu: Here you go, the weapon you’re familiar with. This should come in handy.

Elpis: You...Why are you helping me?

Kingu: ‘Cause I hate Enlil.

Elpis: Huh? Isn’t she your fellow?

Kingu: I don’t care. I love good games. That’s why I hate those who want to win without playing it from the beginning. That’s a bummer.

Kingu cracked a naughty smile while he was handing the weapon over, as if everything was just a pawn to him.

Kingu: So here I am, dragging you into this game. Only this can make the game more intriguing.

Much as Elpis was not on the same page with Kingu, she had no other options. She set off shortly after taking the weapon and the bag from Kingu.

Elpis: “Please. I have to make it!”

Floor 4 Don’t Underestimate Us

The flashback ended, returning to the tense present.

Rlim: Zack saved you...Impossible impossible impossible! I had him under control already!

Elpis: Don’t underestimate us! We won’t surrender!

Rlim: Shut up shut up shut up! I’m gonna rip your mouth open!

A fierce battle was ignited between Rlim and Elpis. As they struck, holes began to appear on the walls. Stones and dust were all over the place. Before long, the upper hand and the lower hand were distinguished.

As the battle went on, more and more wounds were cut open on Elpis. With the exhaustion after childbirth, she was drastically weaker than the usual. Rlim, sensing her disadvantage, intensified his attack and——

Elpis: Whoa——!

Rlim: Huff...You’re a tough one, but it ends here.

???: Yes, but it’s you who’s going down.

As a male voice spoke, the clank of metal pieces sounded. At the same time, element-enchanted chains had tied Rlim’s limbs.

Elpis: Zack! You’re alive!

Rlim: “Humph! Xada’s hit removed the control.”

Although Zack was still alive, his current state was close to a dead man——Broken limbs, broken ribs, ruptured left eye and a face full of blood. It was his strong will that kept him moving.

Rlim: Bastard bastard bastard! You’re nothing but tools, low life! I ain’t gonna lose this!

Zack: We...We’re not tools!

Elpis: Right...We’re...humans! We’re the creatures originated from this realm, the creatures that have a future!

Standing back on her feet, Elpis pulled her strength to raise the broadsword. Whoosh! The sword was stabbed into Rlim’s left chest. Elpis didn’t know that the heart was the fatal part of all ancient demons, but her battle instinct sensed it——Rlim had been guarding his heart.

Rlim: No...No way...How come——

Rlim vanished into dust before he could finish his words.

Elpis: “My baby!”

The anxious Elpis hobbled the way to her baby on the ground, but she was stunned by what came into her sight——The baby’s body was corroded by the dark matter on his chest. The void darkness was spreading out in a creepy way.

Elpis: What is...happening...My baby…

Zack: “Not only the body is darkened, but his vital sign is fading…”

Elpis: No...I need to figure a way to save my baby...Right! Enkidu! Enkidu must know how! I need to find him!

Just when Elpis was about to move with her baby, Zack grabbed her arm in shock as soon as he spotted her wrist. Turning around, Elpis smiled in spite of a woe sweeping across her gaze.

Elpis: Yes, I’m aware. It’s okay. Saving my baby is the top priority now.

Zack had no choice but to let go. As he looked at this petite but determined figure, tears began to well up in his eyes.

Zack: “The lord of fate, why are you being so cruel to us?”

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