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The Rebellion of Earthlings

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After Shamash was sealed, her successor Enlil became increasingly violent. She issued orders to raid the tribes of Dragons, Beasts and Elves, and bring the weak back to the territory of Eldus.

Upon hearing the news, the Runedragon Cang Bi decided to protect them. So, it entered their territory in hopes of saving those captured.

To avoid getting noticed, Cang Bi turned itself into an earthling-like figure and sneaked into the territory. Along its journey, it encountered a group of earthlings who had realized they were being used. Cang Bi was determined to set them free.

Along with Leonard, Cang Bi knew from the creator of earthlings that a fear-provoking spell was cast on all earthlings. They were dominated by the Eldus forever, and they couldn't do anything about it.

Before anyone could come up with a solution, Elpis was to be publicly executed by Enlil due to her pregnancy. Cang Bi and its companions had to rack their brains to save Elpis, but all the rebels lost their freedom and were still trapped in the territory.

After escaping from the territory of the Eldus, Cang Bi was till chased after. On the brink of war, Enkidu intervened and rescued both Cang Bi and Elpis. As an Eldus, Enkidu was so ashamed of what his species had done that he decided to assist Cang Bi in its retaliation against the Eldus.

The fire of retaliation was raging...

Chapter 4

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