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【Story Mode】History of Earthlings

Ch.3 The One and Only Wish

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Floor 1 Shamash and Ninhursag


Dating back to the time when Shamash and the machinas first had conflict for Monesis, Pompeii had attempted to seek peace between two species…


Shamash: That ugly creature is brazen enough to send the emissary again and again for talks.  How annoying!

Ninhursag: Shamash, we can’t take away Monesis alone without any help.  Why don’t we cooperate with them?  I’ve talked to the emissary.  He is erudite and sharp.  Maybe we can live in harmony——Ah!


Shamash attacked Ninhursag mercilessly and rebuked in anger.


Shamash: Impossible!  Absolutely impossible!  Don’t ever say this crap to me again, or I’ll kill you next time.

Ninhursag: ...Understood.

Shamash: ...Since we don’t have enough “workers” to search for our mother, we’ll have to make like us…

Ninhursag: We can’t!  This is against our——

Shamash: This is an order, and don’t make me repeat my words.



In a spacious room, a dozen enchanting circles were drawn on the floor with a bunch of clay dolls placed at the center. The clay was made of mana-filled soil from this planet. Mixed with other ingredients, the dolls became the life core of earthlings.


After inspecting the integrity of the enchanting circles and the dolls, Ninhursag signalled the other Elduses to return to their positions with a nod.


Ninhursag: Mana, please grant us power, blessing and vitality.


As Ninhursag mumbled, the energy resided within surged, lighting up the enchanting hana on her tanned skin. When the other Eldus followed, the whole room was filled with dazzling shine.


When the shine faded, all the clay dolls were turned into five-year-old children. Despite their different genders and faces, they were all browsing around curiously at the same time.


Shamash: Are the earthlings ready?

Ninhursag: Yes. Phase one has been completed. In the upcoming days, I’ll be speeding up their growth and inculcating knowledge into their minds with spells for every seven days. They’ll be fully mature in about thirty days.

Shamash: Remember to program fear into their souls. As long as they worship us, they won’t defy us.

Ninhursag: ...Understood.


Floor 2 Genius Hiding in Plain Sight


Yet not every production was smoothly. Some earthlings might explode due to overpressure pressure from the spells. Ninhursag, who treated the earthlings as her own children, collapsed after several failures and gave up on producing earthlings.


Shamash: Ninhursag, are you defying me by suspending the earthling production?

Ninhursag: Yes. I can’t do this anymore. They’re all lives, and they’re born to be sacrificed! It’s against the creed of our clan!

Shamash: I get it. It’s alright if you don’t want to do it.


Shamash summoned an Eldus named Kingu, who replicated the earthling production precisely. When the surprised Ninhursag was about to ask further, she was taken away by the other Eldus at Shamash’s order. Since then, she had been imprisoned in this cell.


Ninhursag: This is why I’m here.

Cang Bi: ...I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have judged you before knowing anything.

Ninhursag: No. You were right. It’s our fault that puts this world in misery...

Cang Bi: Don’t give up! It’s not too late. As long as we unite as one, we can bring down those Eldua and save the earthlings!

Ninhursag: But all earthlings are implanted with a fear-controlling programme. It will be triggered once the Eldus say the word “order”. You can’t resist Enlil...

Cang Bi: Then we’ll find a way to erase it! If there’s a way to implant it, there must be a way to erase it!

Ninhursag: Well...It’s not that simple——


Their conversation was interrupted by quick footsteps. Meanwhile, loud yells sounded outside the building.


???: The prison is infiltrated by unknown creatures. Secure all exits. Don’t let the intruders escape!

Cang Bi: Huh? Oh no...How come they found us...

Ninhursag: Possibly because I triggered the alarm when I used mana...There is no time to discuss that. Just take this child and leave.

Cang Bi: But...I don’t know the way out. It was Astrid who led me here...

Cang Bi: “Darn it...What should I do now?...Maybe I should just switch back to my dragon form and barge the way out…”


Just when Cnng Bi was going to shift, a hand pressed on his shoulder.

Cang Bi: Whoa——Mmm!


Someone covered Cang Bi’s mouth and whispered next to him.


???: Don’t shout. Leonard told me to come help you.

Cang Bi: Mmm...Wheeze...Where did you come from? You made no sound at all.

Zack: That’s my ability...Save the chat for later. Let’s get out of here first.


As Cang Bi nodded, he carried the sleeping Astrid and followed Zack’s lead. Before they left, Cang Bi turned around to gaze at the imprisoned beasts and Ninhursag, who was talking to him. Although he couldn’t hear a word, he got her message by reading her lips.


Ninhursag: “Please help my poor children.”


Floor 3 The Banished Earthling


With the mana-phantoms Zack created, they managed to deceive the hunters and return to the base of the Eldus.


Cang Bi: Great. We made it in one piece. Let’s find Leonard for the coming plan...Zack, why aren’t you moving?

Zack: I can’t go in.

Cang Bi: Huh? Why?

Zack: For I’m sinful.

Zack: “I fell in love with someone I shouldn’t have.”


When Zack gazed at the far west, a vivid and eye-catching figure appeared in his mind...


Zack the earthling had only one thought in his mind when he first saw Valanthe the elf.


Zack: “Ah...She’s an utterly different individual than me, colourful, mesmerizing and eye-catching. She’s also the type that I can’t handle.”


Valanthe, the heir to the throne of Arcus elves, was invited to have a guest stay in the Eldus’s territory. In fact, she was being held hostage. Even though Valanthe knew that she was merely a prisoner here, she never displayed any fear or frustration. -1008: Wearing a stunning dress, every move of her was a kind of pride that could capture the others’ minds. Zack was one of them.


Zack had never foreseen a chance to approach this dazzling precious, but then Shamash assigned him to serve Valanthe. At the order, Zack knocked on Valanthe’s door. Since no one had responded, he entered the room without permission.


The whole space was only vaguely illuminated by the moonlight. Valathe was sitting by the window ledge weeping. Tears were shining as they rolled down on her cheeks. Her vulnerability constituted a great contrast to her pride.


Zack: “She’s crying...I thought a tough one like her would never cry…”

Valanthe: Who?

Zack: I——Ouch!


Zack was shut up by a book thrown at him, which scratched his forehead to bleed.


Valanthe: How dare you! Who let you in!

Zack: Please forgive me...At Lady Shamash’s order, I’m here to serve you, your highness.

Valanthe: Humph! Save it. You’re just Shamash’s spy.

Zack: ..I, Zack, will comply with every order you give except leaving the forest.

Valanthe: Oh. Kneel down and kiss my feet then.

Zack: Understood.


Zack followed her order although he didn’t get the meaning behind. Kneeling down, he lifted up Valanthe’s left foot carefully. Bending his body forward, Zack slowly kissed Valanthe’s foot——


Slam! Before his lips touched her skin, Valanthe slapped Zack as hard as she could. She yelled with her face completely blushed.


Valanthe: Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself?


That was how the story between Zack and Valanthe began.


Floor 4 Definitely will See Each Other again


When Zack thought that he could be with Valanthe for the rest of his life, his wishful thinking was terminated by the closure of Mech City. This night, an Arcus Elf sneaked into the Eldus’s base to seek Valanthe.


Valanthe: “What happened exactly? Why is my mother trapped inside Mech City along with the others?”

Arcus Elf: Requested by Shamash the Eldus, the Queen led the army to aid the Eldus in the Monesis heist. But I heard that the leader of Machinas sealed the whole city in order to stop them.

Valanthe: What...How come…

Arcus Elf: The remaining elves are all terrified. Your highness, in my humble opinion, you should return as soon as possible.

Valanthe: Return?

Arcus Elf: Now that the Queen and Shamash have gone, you’re not abided by the deal anymore. Besides, it’s also a chaotic moment for the Eldus without their leader. There’s no better timing for escaping than now.

Valanthe: Shouldn’t I feel happy about going back?...No. I can’t jeopardize the sake of my clan because of personal attachments!”

Valanthe: You’re right. For the sake of our clan, I must go back.

Arcus Elf: Let’s go before they spot us...Mmm!


Just when the elf was about to climb out of the window, a fire arrow pierced through his body.


Enlil: Luckily I got here in time, or I would be losing our adorable elf queen here.


Enlil the Eldus just entered the room with a smile. With all the grudges piled up, Valanthe could no longer hold back her rage. As she surged the power, the whole room was tinted into beguiling blue in just a blink of an eye; the room temperature dropped below zero.


Other creatures would have been frozen, but not Valanthe who could move freely. Valanthe revealed a hidden blade and charged at Enlil, who was caught unguarded and got her cheek cut.


Enlil: Ouch. You’re good, the future queen. Too bad that you’re alone now. Surround her.


At Enlil’s order, the ceiling was smashed followed by the appearance of five earling soldiers, cornering Valanthe. In the meantime, Enlil compressed the fire element into an arrow, aiming at Valanthe.


Valanthe: “Guess my life ends here...Mother, we’ll see each other very soon.”


Valanthe braced herself for death, but she didn’t feel the anticipated pain; Instead, she was wrapped up by a familiar warmth.


Valanthe: Zack!



Taking the hit for Valanthe, Zack had his body burnt charcoal. The moment he had done speaking, his body collapsed powerlessly. While the earthling soldiers were still in shock, Valanthe seized the chance to leap out of the window.


Enlil: Ugh, she fled...Well, nevermind. Her clan is weak anyway. We can find a day to wipe them out.

Earthling Combatant: Lady Enlil, what should we do with him?


The earthling combatant said as he pointed at the dying Zack; Enlil gave a sweet smile after glimpsing at him.

Enlil: Dump him to the underground just like usual.

Earthling Combatant: Roger.


When the earthling was on the way disposing Zack, a green-haired youth intercepted.

Leonard: Just leave the heavy work to me.

Earthling Combatant: But...

Leonard: Don’t worry. I’ll make sure it’s done.

Earthling Combatant: Alright then.


Insisted by Leonard, the earthling handed Zack over and left. Leonard then took the job and walked out of the base, but it wasn’t to the underground landfill. Instead, he took Zack to a cave hideout.

Leonard: Whoa, that’s a hell of an injury. I’m not even sure if I can save you...Sigh. I’ll do my best, and the rest depends on how bad you want to survive...


Zack’s survivial will conquered the injury, but he also became a homeless earthling because of his resistance against the Eldus. Since then, he had been backing Leonard up in secret.


Zack: That was my sin——

Cang Bi: That’s no sin at all! You were just protecting your loved one!

Zack: Love...

Cang Bi: Yes. Don’t you love that elf called Valanthe? Next time when you see her, tell her your thoughts.!

Zack: Will I ever see her again?

Cang Bi: Of course you will! One day, I will liberate all of you! Just wait and see!

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