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【Story Mode】History of Earthlings

Ch.1 Cang Bi’s Adventure

Layer 1.png

Floor 1 Bump into Danger

In a pure white nothingness, Summoner was communicating with a mysterious light. During which, a disruption caused by some mighty existence occured. When the disruption ended, the light flashed again.


???: Come on. Let’s continue the flashback, the ancient history that links to the future…


The white space became colourful again, constituting a vivid scene of a forest. On a mountain, there was an azure dragon observing a building surrounded by the woods.


Cang Bi: “That’s the base of the eldus...The abducted Elemental Beasts and elves must be kept there...I gotta get them out!”



Cang Bi conjured the power to wrap itself up with mist. When the mist was gone, it revealed a young handsome man. The shapeshifted Cang Bi frowned as he stretched his limbs.


Cang Bi: This body feels strange to me, but at least it’s a decent earthling disguise.


Cang Bi, who braced himself for the upcoming challenge, strided to the Eldus’s base. The earthlings there gave no concern to everything in the surrounding, including Cang Bi. It took Cang Bi an easy effort to enter the target building. The building consisted of numerous hallways, like a maze.


Lost in directions, Cang Bi stepped back cluelessly.


Cang Bi: “Where are the captives…”


Bam! Failing to notice what was behind him, Cang Bi bumped into someone hard.

Eldus: Hey, what are you earthling doing here!? How dare you bump into Lady Enlil! Get ready to be punished!


Floor 2 Unexpected Reunion

Cang Bi: “She is...the Eldus who invaded my clan...No...I must hold back the rage…”

Cang Bi: I...I’m sorry…


While his head was laid low, Cang Bi clenched his fists to suppress the anger.


Eldus: Lady Enlil, please don’t make Sir Kingu wait. I can handle this earthling myself. A proper lecture is just what he needs!


Enlil remained at the scene. Instead of leaving, she scanned Cang Bi with a sweet grin as if she was intrigued by his presence.


Enlil: Which division are you from?

Cang Bi: Oh? I...


Obviously Cang Bi had no idea  what she was talking about. The anxious sweat appeared on his forehead as Enlil and the other Eldus became more and more suspicious about him. Just when Cang Bi was about to expose himself, a clear male voice spoke.


???: Lady Enlil, he is a mature earthling who just joined the supply division.

Enlil: Leonard...


A good-looking young man appeared and answered politely.


Enlil: If you say so. Just instruct him properly.


Leonard responded with a bow. When he saw the stiff Cang Bi, he forced Cang Bi to bow with him by pressing his head down until Enlil and the other Eldus were gone.


Leonard: Phew...My goodness. I almost had a heart attack for that.

Cang Bi: ...Why did you help me?

Leonard: How can I sit back and watch my lifesaver get killed?

Cang Bi: Lifesaver?


The annoyed Leonard shook his head; then he pointed his finger at Cang Be’s nose.

Leonard: “Truth never expires. As long as you don’t quit, you will discover it eventually.” Who told me that?


Floor 3 When Two Fates Connect

Cang Bi recalled his first encounter with Leonard. That was the time when Mech City was just sealed, and the vessels on the ground began to mutate.


Leonard’s faith was shattered as he witnessed the moment when Enlil the Eldus, whom he had been holding up his faith to, killed her fellow Marduk. Unable to digest the truth, Leonard ran as far as he could from the base. When his stamina was drained, he fell into a slumber inside a treehole until a fierce quake and a deafening blast woke him up.


Leonard: “What happened——”


Crawling out of the tree hole, Leonard spotted the unusually tinted sky as well as the strange ambience in the air. As his mind was focusing on the changes, Leonard was unaware of the unknown activity on ground level——


The vessels broke free from the soil and drifted to where Leonard stood.


As the vessels constricted, everything became blurry for the suffocating Leonard. Before losing consciousness, he got hit hard by a great momentum.


Freed from the asphyxiation, Leonard gasped rapidly to breath in fresh air. After adjusting his breathing pace, he was stunned by a magnificent azure dragon standing in front of him. He instinctively guarded himself with a mana shield.


Leonard: Don’t come over!


Leonard shouted as he pointed his weapon at the dragon, who ignored his hostility and destroyed the aggressive vessels with its claws.


Cang Bi: Calm down. I won’t hurt you...It’s not very convincing with the way I look now...Wait a moment...Hope this will do…


After scanning Leonard for a while, Cang Bi drew a circle in the air to wrap itself up in a layer of mist. The mist eventually disappeared, revealing a shrunken figure——Cang Bi in the form of an earthling.


Cang Bi: Can you trust me now?

Leonard: Humph! Don’t ever try to deceive me. I know you’re with those machinas...Hmm?


Leonard attempted to attack, but he was too hungry to do anything. In the meantime, his stomach growled.


Cang Bi: Ahem...I’ll search the woods for food.


Cang Bi was holding back his giggle, but his gaze sold him out. At this moment, Leonard blushed for the embarrassment.


Floor 4 Union is the Strength

Later on when Cang Bi came back with food, the starving Leonard rushed over for his long-waited feast immediately.


Leonard: Nom nom...I can see that you’re not a wicked creature. You’re just deceived by those machinas. They framed my masters so that they can keep our mother for themselves——Cough!


Cang Bi patted Leonard’s back softly when he was choked by food. Leonard continued when he was finally able to talk.


Leonard: Just don’t believe them! They’re liars!

Cang Bi: Are they?


Cang Bi reached out at Leonard with a woeful look.


Cang Bi: Then would you like to come with me for the truth?

Leonard: “...I want to know what I’m believing in…”


Cang Bi then took Leonard to a cave, where resided dozens Minerelves and Floral Elves. All of them had broken bodies. Much as Leonard would like to refute when the elves were accusing the brutal crimes committed by the Eldus, he went speechless as soon as he glimpsed at his gem-inlaid weapon.


Shocked by the mind-blowing truth, Leonard left the cave with Cang Bi in perplexion.


Leonard: So...Everything I believe in is a fraud?

Cang Bi: ...I won’t force you to accept that. It’s your choice to keep holding on to your faith, but truth never expires. As long as you don’t give up, you will discover it eventually.


Leonard clenched his fists as he looked at the soaring Cang Bi who lived in liberty. This was how they met each other.


Leonard: Ever since then, I’ve been secretly digging what the Eldus have been doing, and I finally found the truth.


At this moment, Leonard pressed on Cang Bi’s shoulder and leant close with his eyes wide opened. He declared grimly.


Leonard: Eldus are merely a bunch of despicable invaders who toy with lives! How dare they fool me for so long, making me worship them like an idiot...I’ve had enough! Let me help you bring them down! Just tell me whenever you need me!

Cang Bi: ...HAHAHA——This...This is hilarious…

Leonard: Hey! That laughter is way too long!

Cang Bi: No. Don’t get me wrong. You’re just too funny…


After wiping the tears from laughing too hard, Cang Bi took a deep breath and answered sternly.

Cang Bi: Then I’ll take your offer. Please help me to find the place that keeps the Elemental Beasts!

Leonard: Hmm...Tracking down something...I’m not good at that, but I think “she” can help you.

Cang Bi: “She”?

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