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  The origin of all things fell into an instinctive madness, roaring with hysteria, strong enough to shake the entire universe. An ancient creature managed to contain such insanity and tear this source of power apart. Yet the soul-wrecking impact was way more overpowering, crushing the creature into ashes.  The remnants, fused with the source of power, had given birth to new species, transformed into a prototype of embryos.

  Repelled by the power of creation, these embryos travelled light years to the very other side of the universe.  They each landed into the center of different planets and entered a state of hypersleep for self recovery.

  Vulthoom was one of them.  It was curling up slumbering, until a sense of hunger hit to the core.

  Out of instinct, Vulthoom moved its mouth to swallow the soil nearby, slowly and delicately, as if it craved to taste every bit of flavour.  By that time the nature of its soul was revealed——A gourmet who appreciated the taste of life.

  The emptiness brought by hypersleep drove Vulthoom to keep eating. Soon the soil around was entirely consumed, which revealed a passage to the surface.  Crawling out, Vulthoom saw the planet was no longer deserted but covered with a stretch of verdancy.  Lush and huge plants had occupied this planet.

  As Vulthoom climbed to a tree, the life sequence inside its body was stimulated to change drastically.  In a split second, Vulthoom was switched from the embryo to exactly the same as that plant.

  This was the ability that demons possessed in early childhood——mimicry.  Through mimicking different types of species in different planets, they’ve been through life and death, until they selected the fittest life sequence and got rid of the inferior.

  Vulthoom followed this rule by nature, imitating various creatures on planets in order to obtain plenty of superior life sequences.  While it was exploring the meaning as a predaplant, someone appeared.

  He carried the form that Vulthoom had never seen before——Solid torso, four limbs and a head; until later days it knew that was a “human” form.

  That creature, riding on a flame bug, descended slowly.  With a wave, the bug burnt all the predaplants into ashes but Vulthoom.

  This was the very first time for Vulthoom to know what fear was like. Driven by this unknown emotion, it attacked the creature instinctively, but barely made any scratch. Vulthoom, in the form of predaplant, was crushed and changed back to an embryo, creeping on the ground. However it failed to escape from that creature.

  “Fear not, my fellow. I’m Vorvadoss, of the same kind.  We’re all evolved from an embryo.” Vorvadoss talked in a low voice, but somehow understood this unfamiliar language even for the first time.  Giving up the struggle, it looked at Vorvadoss out of curiosity.

  Vorvadoss wore a smile to put Vulthoom on his palm, “mimic me.”

  Vulthoom felt the resonance of the life sequence inside and let its body to grow like Vorvadoss’s form.

  “You...and...I look different…” Vulthoom looked at herself with puzzlement. Instead of masculinity, she had a curvy and soft body shape. 

  “Ha, your nature is feminine.” Vorvadoss found it interesting, stroking her face gently.  His deep eyes reflected the dazzling light of the universe.  “Vulthoom, this will be your name.”

  Vulthoom did not have any resistance to let him decide her own name, but everything made perfect sense to her.  Waving her body, a red flower bud sprouted from her shoulder and came into blossom rapidly to spread orange-red spores.

  “Oh, Vorvadoss, why did you call?” Vulthoom asked as she clung to him lazily.

  “I need your power to awaken that existence of the origin.  Let’s turn this world and universe into wasteland.”

  The evil intention of Vorvadoss, however, had a sharp contrast with his power, full of vitality with boundless creation.  Therefore, Vulthoom laughed as she found this contradiction ridiculous.

  Not a hint of anger, Vorvadoss deepened his smile.  “Funny isn’t it?  Life is that cruel, and desperate. That’s why I need you to bring absolutely-fair death to each lifeform in the universe with me.” 

  Afterwards, they acted together. Vulthoom did not care much about the purpose of Vorvadoss, and the only thing occupied her mind was whether she could be well-fed.

  Before long, Vulthoom began to notice the stupidity in her concern. Under his leadership, engulfing species in different planets was easy, and that had elevated her appetite.

  Vulthoom no longer did it just to fill her stomach, but indulged in tasting the despair when the species were at the verge of death. The person that inspired her to acquire this cognition was Laplace.

  That day, she was consuming species of the planet with Vorvadoss and other fellows. Suddenly, Laplace appeared, accompanied by a deformed fellow named North.

  “Submit to me, and I can ensure your desire to be achieved.” Laplace announced in a confident and absolute manner.

  “He’s...amazing. A magnificent one. I wonder what he’ll look like when he dies...Em...I wanna savour his despair so bad.” Vulthoom felt heat in her throat. The instinctive desire of gourmet was itching, making her suppress the lust by licking her lips.

  To feed her intense appetite, Vulthoom took the lead to attack Laplace with her fellows, but their strikes were all counteracted, even losing the ability to defend. 

  Laplace trod on Vulthoom; his charming face was flawless. Then he bent down to tilt her chin with a finger.

  “You have a pair of beautifully bright eyes, like the essence of life is condensed into them.” Captivated by his soul-stealing eyes, Vulthoom did not even consider being trodden was an insult. Instead, she thought it was an honor that her defeat was able to make his majesty shine.

  Unusually starving, she could not help but taste Laplace’s finger delicately.

  “Ha, you have a good appetite indeed. If you can eat me, just do it.” Laplace smiled, showing no fear of her desire.

  “One day I’ll eat you up, from head to toe, outside to inside. No matter if you taste like hope or despair, I’ll eat you all up.” Vulthoom swore in her heart.

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