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  Origin of all things fell into madness, destroyed by an ancient creature. The power that squeezed out had blended into that crushed creature, resulting in the birth of countless embryos. Repelled by the power of creation, these embryos eventually landed into distant planets of the universe.

  The first perception of Vorvadoss as an embryo was noisy. Sounds of abundance and vitality surrounded Vorvadoss underground, awakening it from the peaceful slumber. It crawled from the ground, trying to eliminate those sounds, but Vorvadoss found that it possessed no power of “destruction”; instead it made those sounds even louder.

  In addition, greenery grew on the surface wherever it passed, and the sound it loathed was getting richer, covering Vorvadoss from all directions. At that moment, it felt as helpless as being denied by the world, and what was even more desperate was that it was too weak to destroy itself.

  For Vorvadoss possessed the power of vitality in nature.

  In order to change this predicament, Vorvadoss followed its instinct to mimic different creatures and extracted superior life sequences to evolve, which made it gradually become stronger. Vorvadoss, transforming into a human form, sensed an inseparable origin from far away.

  “If I wake it up, maybe the desolation of tranquility I long for will come eventually.”

  However, he was hindered by some sort of power. For this, Vorvadoss needed fellows to break that barrier together. First was Vulthoom, then Shudde and finally Lloigor and Zhar.

  Although each of his fellows carried different desires, they did not refuse to go to the land of origin for awakening the supreme power. Everyone treated Vorvadoss as the leader, following his instruction to accumulate energy, until one day they met “him” —— Laplace, another same kind.

  “Submit to me, and I can ensure your desire to be achieved.” Laplace announced. His attitude carried the weight of undoubted fact. “Only I have the power to lead you through the barrier, and can unleash the origin that conceived us.”

  “You cocky bastard! How about I cut out your tongue to stop your bluff!” Roaring with fury, Shudde charged at Laplace with hostility, but his attacks were all eliminated.

  Despite Vulthoom, Lloigor and Zhar joining the fight, they were nothing compared to Laplace.

  Observe, deconstruct, counteract and regenerate. These were the abilities of Laplace.

  Vorvadoss was no exception. Laplace took a step as light as a snowflake and flashed in front of him. His white complexion beautifully set off his golden eyes, which also caught the full attention of Vorvadoss.

  Raising an innocent smile, Laplace held Vorvadoss’s hands. At the moment, those noisy sounds of life that had been haunting him finally came to a halt, resulting in a peaceful mind. This made Vorvadoss unable to suppress the inner emotions to tear. At that moment, he was all Laplace’s.

  Since then, their force had changed. Laplace took the lead; Vorvadoss became his right-hand man. Under his command, they no longer relied on extracting life sequences, but absorbed the vitality of planets to grow stronger.

  However, getting stronger also made the sounds of life louder and louder, putting him into utter agony.

  “Poor Vorvadoss.” Laplace embraced Vorvadoss, letting his head rest on his left chest. At the same time, Laplace circulated power to counteract the energy of Vorvadoss.

  Plop! Plop!

  Vorvadoss heard nothing but Laplace’s heartbeat. His suffering soul could finally be settled down. Relaxed, Vorvadoss leant into his arms. Suddenly, Laplce smiled. 

  “You’re interesting, Vorvadoss. Your desire is destruction. You enjoy deadly silence. You pursue all the negativity but contradictorily you possess positive energy in nature.” Laplace touched his face gently and whispered, “How ironic. How desperate.”

  “You’re correct. I'm longing for nothingness, praying for barrenness. But my power is creation in nature.” Laplace’s words made Vorvadoss have nowhere to hide, as if a drowning one attaching to his savior.

  “Laplace, you are what I have been visioning. You master the truth, and the one to put an end to the world. You will lead us to that void of peace. Please, fulfill my desire.”

  “Vorvadoss, I assure you. Once I acquire that power, I can become zero.”


  “As an individual being, my observation will interfere. In order to be omniscient, I need to become zero, making myself intangible.” Laplace put away his smile. “To be zero, I can observe and analyze the entire dimension, so as to achieve your desires.” His face carried absolute wisdom.

  But Vorvadoss soon knew it was a lie. Laplace only favored North’s desire.

  North was the first to follow Laplace. Therefore to him, North was special, not only because of its existence, but also the power. North possessed the power of destruction in nature, so potent that even Laplace was unable to observe nor analyze it.

  North was too soft to control its own power, resulting in a twisted, flawed form instead of a perfect transformation. For this aspect, North was self-abased and even hated itself.

  “Hmm, North and I are alike at this point.” Vorvadoss teased at himself as he pondered, but it was deep envy that was contained in his gaze.

  For he knew Laplace always put North on the first priority. To fulfill its wish for a perfect transformation, Laplace was willing to become zero.

  “But once he becomes zero, it means he cannot fulfill my desire to make the universe barren...NO! I can’t let this happen!”

  Finally, it was worth the wait. The moment when North was taken by Eldus, Vorvadoss came up with a plan to take over its place in Laplace’s heart.

  As expected, Laplace went to rescue North. Vorvadoss, acting normal as always, followed his order to transform into an embryo attached to Ishtar the Eldus. When he tagged along to the Akkad planet of the Eldus, Vorvadoss called Laplace.

  Facing the overwhelming power of Laplace, Ishtar was at a disadvantage. At the moment, Vorvadoss appeared to make a deal with her——using Ishtar to kill Laplace and frame North for the betrayal.

  Things went well as planned. Despite the urge to stop Ishtar from killing Laplace with North’s limb, Vorvadoss managed to contain the emotion and stopped himself from moving.

  Then Vorvadoss suddenly stood in the way as Ishtar finished her job to flee, which made her on full alert to his threat.

  “...What do you want? I’ve done everything as you told me.”

  “Yes, you did perfectly,” he answered gently.  Emitting lights of vitality, Vorvadoss covered themselves with iridescence of brilliance and aromatic flowers instantly. Dazzled by the beautiful scene, Ishtar did not see a coming vine from behind.

  “AH!” A tense feeling was sent from the lower body. Ishtar found that her legs were tied by vines. 

  “What do you mean by this?”

  “You hurt Laplace. Even though it was my order, I couldn’t help myself from the rage.”

  “Ha, but even so you can’t kill.” Ishtar was clever to know the nature of Vorvadoss’s power. With her arrogance and sarcasm, Vorvadoss agreed without a hint of fury.

  “Right. I can’t kill, but he can.” Vorvadoss gazed at the direction where huge noises came from. Filled with the power of destruction, North was slaughtering Eldus in the place; Ishtar could still feel its tremendous power at a distance.

  “To make the kill quick, I need your legs tied.” After leaving the words, Vorvadoss left Ishtar alone and went to the top of the middle tower, where the corpse of Laplace was lying.

  Soaking into the bloodbath, Laplace looked peaceful and holy, interpreting horrible death into a new beauty

  Vorvadoss carried him with both hands like a fragile treasure, and then ascended to the universe. Travelling through planets, he came to the far end of the galaxy, where a hidden planet was.

  Vorvadoss put Laplace on the ground; his power of creation made the gray earth surface vital with greenery and bright flowers. Soon the whole place had become a resplendent garden.

  “Laplace, I’ll save you, at the expense of my life.” Vorvadoss ripped his chest open to expose his beating heart and the embryo, which was the original form of their race. 

  “I can’t destroy myself for it goes against my power. But I can create til my life is drained.”

  Blood started pouring from Vorvadoss like a stream, eventually becoming a crimson lake; enchanting fire spheres were conjured to illuminate both of them.

  “How ridiculous I’m. Even my own death is a contradiction for me. Laplace, you’ll be teasing at me again if you see this, won’t you…”

  Vorvadoss wore a smile as if hearing Laplace’s laughter.  This time, no more despair and grief, but peace and relief.

  “Sleep, the loved Laplace. Observe in dreams. When you wake up again, the world shall fall for you.”

  Vorvadoss got closer to his face, trying to kiss him. However, he held that desire back. In a more subtle way, Vorvadoss stroked Laplace’s soft cheek with his long eyelashes, as a kiss lasting forever in his heart.

  “By then, bring me the barren universe as I wish.”

  Then Vorvadoss crushed his embryo to drip some slimy fluid onto Laplace’s embryo on the left chest. Splendid lights were gathered to cover Laplace with translucent feathered wings.

  Splash! Vorvadoss was blasted into blood and flesh, filling into the entire planet. His power not only made the place fertile, but also gave birth to an intellectual species, later called “Origin of Demons”. There unfolded a new story with Laplace after his awakening...

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