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  On the lakeside embraced by an idyllic scenery, there stood a magnificent building with its red-bricked spire staggering in the shape of a star. This architecture was the general branch of the magic academy under an organization named “Starmage”.

  This day, all students of the academy were assembling in a splendid and elegant hall. The principal was on stage giving a speech. “...Since ancient times, the wars in Continent Tarones has never ceased. Disputes between gods and demons destroyed the lands of the residents, and we humans took the brunt. Countless innocent people were stricken by warfares...Many died...while the others displaced...”

  The principal paused to look around the hall; some students who had been napping soon awoke and pretended to listen, except for a student in the center of the front row. He kept turning his head to look back towards the hall entrance, with anxiety written on his face.

  “Still hasn't showed she gonna graduate or not!” Enoch could not help but sigh. “I was planning to drag her up in the morning. But god knows that this lazy folk even got up earlier than me and sneaked out.”

  Suddenly, Enoch felt someone knock his elbow lightly. As he turned around, the classmate beside him gave a wink and whispered, “hey, our magic history teacher the old toad is glaring at you.”

  Enoch looked to the right and immediately met the direct gaze of an old man with protruding eyes, wide and big enough as if to intimidate Enoch, who was so freaked out and behaved himself properly.

  “Tut! That old freak is always hard on us...Oh!” Enoch wore a wicked grin suddenly, almost scaring off his classmate, but he was not aware as all his mind was occupied by a flash idea.

  “Since I’ve graduated, why not take this chance to revenge on that old man?” Quietly taking out a wand, Enoch closed his eyes to chant a spell. Next second, numerous toads started jumping out from the old man, who ran away in embarrassment. This awkward moment had made all the students burst into laughter.

  “AHEM!” The principal silenced the students while maintaining a gaze at Enoch. Clearly he knew it was his trick. Facing the virtuous principal, Enoch stopped the mischief to pay attention to the speech respectfully.

  “...The demons invaded the Enochian Tower to seize its powerful energy inside. Back then, the heroes of humans stepped forward. Molly the grand sage and Sean the swordsman took the lead to seal the power with their fellows. Only then did the war cease and bring back peace to the world. We humans took this opportunity to gather forces, forge alliances between major powers, establish a number of specialized organizations, and study ways to fight against the demons…”

  The principal raised the staff to point at a silver plate with engraved stars and magic circles above. “We Starmage is one of those organizations. Tawil the sorceress was our pioneer to expand the organization from Lomond Manor, and establish magic academies to nurture talents.” 

  “Tawil...Mother is truly amazing…” Enoch exclaimed in his heart. 

  “In front of me are all young talents who’ve been through rigorous training for these 5 years. You have the knowledge of elements and everything. Today is the day you’ll truly become a member of Starmage, the next-gen mage to help the weak and the realm with magic.” The inspiring speech received a tempest of applause from the students.

  After a moment of the claps, the principal wore a smile. “The graduates this year are remarkable. The most outstanding student has achieved full scores in all subjects. Now let’s invite him to the stage. The 58th valedictorian of the academy, Enoch!”

  “WHHHAT! What’s going on? No one ever told me to give a speech!” Nervous, Enoch could not help but brace up for the talk in the eyes of the audience.


  Luckily a savior appeared during this awkward moment——A shadow broke through a stained window into the hall, sweeping across the students at high speed; some timid students were startled to scream.

  That shadow ran straight to the stage, targeting Enoch.

  Bang! Enoch was crashed down on the floor out of the blue. Then he sat upright slowly while touching the swell on the back of his head.

  “Ouch...What the——sis-sister! Why are you here——Ah NOO! Why are you so late! Today is our graduation ceremony!” Enoch, looking at the young girl sitting on top of himself, grabbed her shoulders to question.

  “Screw the ceremony!” The girl shouted as she squeezed Enoch’s cheeks anxiously. “Brother! Something bad happened!”

  “Bread how!” (Bad how?) Enoch could not pronounce properly for the moment.

  “ missing!”

  “...Huh? Whose mother?” Enoch was blank.

  “Are you nuts! How many mothers do you have!” The girl slapped his head to make another swell.

  Rubbing his head, Enoch was still unable to believe what his sister just said, for their mother had no reason for doing this crazy thing.

  However, more unforeseen things would happen in the near future, which would change the fate of the entire world and even the universe...

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