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Chapter 5

Earthlings' Creed

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  In the olden age on the planet where it was called “the realm” in the later days, a war between Machinas and aliens “Eldus” erupted. To strengthen their military power, the Eldus created an inferior life form named “Earthlings” based on their own physiques.


  Those earthlings gifted in combat would be assigned to the combat division. Elpis the young female earthling was one of the combatants.


  This day, she was assigned with a task to eliminate the minerelves, but they had to abort the mission because of machinas’ reinforcement. She managed to rescue a fellow during the retreat. Despite minor injuries, she returned to the base safe and sound.


  In the middle of a conversation, a glimpse at someone brightened up Elpis’s day. 




  Elpis ran into Enkidu’s embrace, who rubbed her hair with indulgence. Few seconds later, Enkidu pulled her away as the expression on his face changed. He took a step back to maintain a distance between them.


  “Again…” Elpis laid her head low in dejection.


  Elpis had a unique growth different from the other earthlings. When she was eight, she was taken and raised up by Enkidu the Eldus. The spoiling from Enkidu made her into an earthling innocently.


  Enkidu was alerted by Elpis’s frustration. He became irritated when he found the wound on her arm. Then, he carried Elpis without saying anything, heading straight to the medic station.


  Feeling the warmth from Enkidu’s chest, Elpis felt like her body was completely numbed. 


  “Sometimes getting injured is not that bad actually,” said Elpis.


  A slight frown appeared as Enkidu said, “what’s with that silly thought? Get in.”


  Arriving at the medic station, Enkidu left as soon as he dropped her off. At this moment, Elpis felt pushed away again. While she was being treated, she couldn’t help but have all kinds of stray thoughts in her mind. 


  “Enkidu is avoiding me...Why? Did I do something wrong?”


  The minor injury soon recovered. After the treatment , she wandered around the base.


  “Huh? Someone’s moaning...It came from that way.”


  The sound led Elpis to the door of a luxurious room.


  “Is this...a shirt?”


  The confused Elpis found that the door was unlocked when she picked up the feminine shirt on the floor. The moan sounded through the slit of the opened door.


  When the curious Elpis peeped, she was completely stunned by the scene——a male earthling was slamming his lower body to a female elf rhythmically. The most shocking part was that both of them were naked.


  “What are they doing...They look like they're in pain but also enjoying much at the same time…”


  As Elpis watched the forbidden intimacy, her cheeks started to blush while panting.


  “Huh? Why is my body turning hot…”


  Hot blood that carried overloading sensations surged from her lower body to her brain. As everything was too much for this innocent one to bear, her body eventually collapsed, stumbling onto the floor. Meanwhile, the fall startled the couple indulged in the overwhelming lust inside.


  Pushing the male earthling away, the naked female elf came to the doorstep. She then tilted Elpis’s chin with her index finger, allowing her to look into the pair of lust-tainted eyes.


  “Aw, Zack, looks like this adorable earthling is enjoying our show,” Valanthe the elf said to Zack the earthling on the bed, smiling seductively.


  After getting dressed, Zack came to Valanthe, “Lady Valanthe, she’s Elpis, Sir Enkidu’s favourite earthling.”


  “Hmm, I didn’t know that those arrogant Eldus would be fond of earthlings...How rare is it.”


  Elpis, who didn’t get Valanthe’s sarcasm, asked sincerely, “what were you doing?”


  Surprised at first, Valanthe answered with a intrigued smile, “we’re making life.”


  “Making life? Isn’t it something only the masters can do?”


  “No it isn’t. All creatures can do it, and it’s a very pleasant and relaxing thing to do.”


  “Is it true?” Elpis continued her questions, “can I do it with Enkidu? Will it please him and make him relax?”


  “Of course it will.”


  “Could you please teach me then?”


  Elpis held Valanthe’s hands and asked wholeheartedly. At this moment, Valanthe leant close and bit Elpis’s lip gently.


  “With your sincerity, I’ll teach you a lesson.”


  “Lady Valanthe!” Zack, witnessing the whole conversation, finally spoke. “This is...really out of line.”


  “Humph! It was already out of line at the moment you pinned me down!” Valanthe scowled at Zack and continued, “this is an order. Do you understand?”


  “...Understood,” said Zack, bowing reluctantly to follow the order.


  Then Valanthe led Elpis into her room. This time, she closed the door deliberately to conceal all the rhapsody that happened later that night…




  Late at night, the frustrated Enkidu dragged his exhausted body back to his room.


  “Shamash refuses every opposing voice. With the worsening situation, Elpis will go out on the field more and more often...I gotta stop it before she burns out…”


  When Enkidu was going to bed, he sensed the warmth that didn’t belong to his bed. In a split second, all his nerves tightened, allowing him to subdue the uninvited guest.


  “Ouch!” The one on his bed moaned.


  Enkidu let go as soon as he recognised the voice.


  “Elpis! Why are you here?”


  “I’m here to do the pleasant and relaxing thing with Enkidu,” said Elpis, leaning into his embrace. The soft touch reminded Enkidu that she was completely naked.


  Enkidu almost lost his sanity when Elpis’s smooth skin was rubbing against his solid muscles. His last bit of rationality made him push her away.


  “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” This was a rarely-seen yell from Enkidu.


  Elpis collapsed, for she had never been scolded by Enkidu. Tears of disappointment, guilt and frustration kept rolling down on her cheeks.


  “Boohoo...I’m sorry...Enkidu...I thought that could make you happy...Boohoo...Don’t leave me alone…”


  The devastated cry of Elpis stunned Enkidu deeply and ached his heart. Pulling her into his arms, he patted her back gently like the old times.


  “Sigh. You silly girl. When did I say anything about leaving you?”


  “ used to hug me and kiss me, and you’ve been avoiding me lately...I’m lonely…”


  Elpis buried her head into Enkidu’s chest, sniffing his body scent.


  “That’s’ve grown up. I can’t touch you like we used to anymore.”


  “Why? I enjoy Enkidu’s touch, don’t you?”


  Panting, the blazing desire in Elpis’s gaze couldn’t be concealed anymore; leaning close, she touched Enkidu’s nose with hers.


  “Get out...We can’ this…”


  Enkidu struggled to push Elpis away, but his will was already too vulnerable. He was about to suffocate.


  “I don’t get it. Why can’t we do something pleasant and relaxing? I just want to be close with you like we used to be.”


  Enkidu’s last bit of sanity was crushed at the moment Elpis placed his hand on the softest part of her body. He finally pressed his lips against Elpis’s.


  Enkidu’s emotions erupted as the chain that restrained his thoughts had been broken; all the repressed feelings were turned into catalysts, evoking the chemical reaction of lust to the greatest...

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