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Chapter 11

Earthlings' Creed

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  In ancient times, ample vegetation stood on this land of life.  The radiant sun casted shadows over the woods, creating the tranquility of the day, except for one tree, which seemingly was breaking this harmony.  A dark shadow was lurking somewhere, pulsating like a life form.


  All of a sudden, a violent earthquake appeared for a while.  The disturbance had woken something up from a slumber; it wriggled fast, with a protrusion on the surface.


  Crack——The shadow splitted open, revealing a pale, white worm with ruby-red eyes.  Rivers of blood were bled from its sockets.


  “Ahhh, finally out of that oblivious nothingness…” Rlim the white worm wriggled while opening its great gaping maw, engulfing the ample elements nearby.


  All of a sudden, a few strands of lights had scratched across the gloomy sky like meteors into the realm.


  “My brothers and sisters.  So they’ve broken loose to seek for the blessing of the essence?” Rlim gazed at the lights while biting itself out of control.


  “Hehehe, interesting.  Let’s see who’ll be the first to arrive at the beginning of the origin.”


  Afterwards, Rlim had been gathering power on this land.  However, slow progress made it take the plunge.


  “Power...I can feel the power of my essense on the base of those Eldus, but also that “being”...If I could stay hidden..”


  Rlim, therefore hiding in the bushes, waited patiently.  Soon, five creatures came.


  “They’re created by the Eldus...How fascinating.  Their physique is inferior to that of Dragons, Elves and Beasts, but their intelligence brings them superior power beyond the flesh by using tools.”


  Rlim, sizing up the Earthlings, triggered the power to twist its shape and mimic their bodies, transforming itself into a white-haired youth.  Walking with his thin legs, Rlim jumped into the shadow of a male Earthling in the rear.


  “Be my captive.” 


  Hidden in the shadow, Rlim cracked a smile and moved his fingers; then the male Earthling followed his action like a puppet


  Rlim continued to conceal itself in the shadow to manipulate the Earthling, which created no suspicion among the others.  As a result, he successfully infiltrated into the base of Eldus.


  “Here it is.” The Earthling, controlled by Rlim, arrived at the source of the power.  However, there was nothing except thick, grey walls.  As he touched the surface, acute pain was sent through fingertips.


  “Of course, a magic barrier.” Rlim raised his chin.  “That being would be too naive to think this barrier can stop me.” 


  Rlim circulated power as he bled tears of blood.  Two crimson arms stretched out of its shadow ripped off the barrier.


  Deafening noises and blinding lights crossed; eventually a crack was pulled off on the wall.


  “Let’s go in.” Rlim waved; the frightened male Earthling, despite against his will, made a step.


  Although Rlim took over his body, his consciousness still remained.  The Earthling couldn't help but to watch himself act under control.


  “WOAHHH——” The Earthling let out a painful scream, followed by the broken sounds of his elbows and ankles.  Blood came out of the five sense organs, but he never stopped advancing.


  “The curse for those who break into the barrier...Umm, I’m gonna be fine by staying in the shadow.” Unshaken, Rlim continued to control him.


  Soon, they reached the end, a plain-white place without boundary, which made a wisp of darkness exceptionally conspicuous in the center.


  “Urg!” The Earthling died as his skeleton shattered.  Rlim then walked out of the shadow; its attention and even soul were all occupied by that darkness.


  Rlim, shivering with horror, felt the fear spontaneously in the face of this supernatural existence.


  “This is the clone of the essence...Finally we meet each other…” While Rlim was shedding its blood-like tears, it wore a smile of ambition and desire.


  “I will own you and take control of the supreme power.”


  Rlim reached out towards the darkness; but a sense of heaviness immobilized its lower body——Numerous bugs were jumping on it.

  “The despair of my brother is exceptionally delicious.” A bewitching woman put on a mysterious smile.  “Long time, my dear brother Rlim.  What are you trying to do to the clone?”


  “Xada, you’re still loyal to the essence,  even though it has gone insane...Emm!” Rlim’s shoulder was pierced to bleed by her sword.


  “Don’t you dare insult it!” Exuding with Bloodlust, Xada kept swinging her sword to many cuts on its body.


  “Hold the sword, Xada.” A voice stopped her move, followed by an appearance of the pink-haired Enlil.  She spoke gently as she put her hands on Xada’s, “you’re killing it.”


  Rlim was a bit surprised to see Enlil, and soon it realized what was going on here.


  “Oh, it has been a long time.” Rlim forced a smile to greet her before turning its face to Xada.  “Killing me doesn’t help.  And you can’t set the essence free alone.  Let’s work together.” Rlim captured the chance to lobby.


  “Rlim is right, Xada.  This is for our own good.” Enlil was helping.


  Xada pondered for a while and decided to let go of Rlim.


  “...Brother, don’t ever do anything defies the essence again.”


  “Of course.” Rlim looked at Enlil and Xada with a smile. “Let’s achieve the goal together.”

  That was how the three, who had different clandestine purposes, established an alliance to bring unpredictable changes into the realm.

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