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Ch.1 Wonderful Dreams

【Story Mode】 Starry Seal

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Floor1: Unreal Joy

To save their fellows, the earthlings started a battle with Enlil, but they were in a grave danger due to the demons’ interference. Fortunately, the arrival of Saint the grandmaster of Eldus stopped the demon invasion. And they could finally rest a bit.

However, their enemy ambushed, bypassing the protection chanted by Saint with hypnotic gas. All the lives in the Eldus base fell into a deep slumber, including Cang Bi the Runedragon…

Cang Bi: Hmm...This homeland...the Runedragon’s habitat…

At this moment, Huang Cong the yellow dragon flew over and entangled their tails together. This was how Runedragons greeted their good friends, but this gesture made Cang Bi feel awkward, for it had never been that close with Huang Cong.

Huang Cong: Hey, Cang Bi! There you are. Everyone is waiting for you!

Cang Bi: Me? Did something happen?

Huang Cong: Ha! Of course we’re celebrating your encounter with your Souliade!

Cang Bi: Huh?

Huang Cong: Stop doing nothing here! Don’t you want to meet your Souliade? Come with me!

Cang Bi: “My Souliade...I won’t be lonely anymore as long as I have my Souliade…”

Cang Bi: Wait up! I’m coming——

???: WAH-WAH——!

All of a sudden, a baby cry sounded in Cang Bi’s head along with countless flashbacks.

Cang Bi: No...I...have something important to do...A promise...A promise with him…

Huang Cong: What are you talking about? What can be more important than meeting your Souliade? This has been your wish all along.

Cang Bi: ...Yes, it was my only wish before I met them, but I’ve changed. I found something more important and I have to protect them!

Cang Bi flinged Huang Cong away and soared into the clouds. Next second, the scene changed rapidly from a colourful world to a blank space. A strand of red light approached and stopped in front of Cang Bi after orbiting around it. Then it expanded into someone Cang Bi was familiar with.

Cang Bi: Pompeii!

Floor2: Back to the Cruel Reality

Pompeii: Cang Bi, you’ve grown up. You can overcome the fantasy created by the enemy.

Cang Bi: Dream?

Pompeii: Yes. When you all were asleep, the enemy unleashed an element-chanted aroma that could connect your consciousness together. You’re being controlled by sweet dreams. Look.

Pompeii waved his arm to reveal a hole where displayed the image of reality——Someone took the baby, and Leonard fell asleep when he was trying to stop that person.

Cang Bi: This——Crap! The baby is in danger! I need to go back! 

Pompeii: That’s why I’m here. I’ll help you out of this dream.

Turning around, Pompeii moved in the directionless blank space with Cang Bi following behind. Moments later, they came to an iridescence, which was displaying the image of reality.

Pompeii: Pass this portal and you’ll go back.

Cang Bi: Great! Let’s not waste time and go back together!

Cang Bi, shifting into the human form, offered Pompeii a hand, but Pompeii rejected with a headshake.

Pompeii: I can’t leave with you. I need to stay behind and protect Monesis with the others.

Cang Bi: ...Why? Why are you the one to suffer even though it’s not your fault!?

Pompeii gave a smile that concluded his epiphany.

Pompeii: Thank you, Cang Bi. You’re truly a kind child. It’s time to go.

With a gentle push, Pompeii got Cang Bi into the iridescence, and tears dropped as Cang Bi looked at the diminishing image of Pompeii.

Pompeii: ...Please stop the demons from awakening the source of destruction.

Lying on the ground, Cang Bi opened his eyes and saw a familiar image, and he knew that he had returned from the dream to reality. He pressed his fists against his hot eyes and murmured.

Cang Bi: I promise you, Pompeii.

Floor3: Finding the Enemy

Awakened, Cang Bi hurried to a tent under a tree, where Leonard was lying still at the entrance. Cang Bi then strided over and lifted Leonard up anxiously.

Cang Bi: Leonard! Wake——

Leonard: Hehe. This roasted chicken is superb...And this pan-seared fish...Hehehe...I’m the luckiest man…

Leonard was giggling in his sleep with something watery dripping from his mouth. His idiotic look had not only cleared Cang Bi’s anxiety, but ignited his anger.

Cang Bi: If you love eating so much, I’ll help you!

Cang Bi took out some chilli from his pocket, which was given by Zack the spicy lover earlier. Cang Bi was told that the chilli was spicy enough to bring someone back from coma. Then, he ripped the chilli and stuffed it into Leonard’s mouth. In the blink of an eye, all the blood was pumped to Leonard’s face. Next second, Leonard stuck out his tongue covering in chilli.

Leonard: Mmm...It’s hot——COUGH! Who the heck baked a spicy cake!? COUGH!

Cang Bi: Great! You’re awake!

Leonard: What’re you...Ah! The baby!

Pushing Cang Bi away, Leonard came to the spot where the baby was supposed to be, but he was nowhere to be seen. Then he was shocked when he saw all the sleeping earthlings and Eldus at the scene.

Leonard: What happened…

Cang Bi: It’s the enemy. He released an aromatic hypnotic gas to connect everyone’s consciousness and control them. We gotta defeat him and save everyone from the dreams.

Leonard: Then do you know where the enemy is?

Cang Bi: Huh?

Leonard: ...Nevermind. I’ll track him down.

Cang Bi: How?

Leonard: If you need to shroud the base with gas, you must be at a high ground with the right direction of breeze. So…

Leonard licked his index finger and pointed it at the sky. Very soon, he figured out the wind direction. Squinting his eyes, he pointed at the northern peak confidently.

Leonard: Found you.

Floor4: Defeat the Dream

On the northern peak, a shade was sitting still on a rock among the spiky rocks, as if he was assimilating with them. The shade suddenly moved, standing up to gaze afar, where there was an azure dragon soaring.

Hypnos: Ha, someone broke free from my dream. Let’s greet the guest.

Spreading the arms, Hypnos conjured his power to unleash an intense aroma at the incoming azure dragon Cang Bi.

Cang Bi: Humph! I ain’t falling for that again!

By swinging its tail, Cang Bi created a tornado to blow the gas away. Yet the motion made Leonard lose his balance and stumble.

Leonard: Ouch! Hey! Give me a heads up——Cang Bi! Behind you! 

Cang Bi: What! Whoa!

The gas turned into countless black feathers falling down. Although Cang Bi didn’t know what they were, it dodged instinctively as it sensed a threat. Still, Cang Bi couldn’t evade completely, and a drizzle sounded when its tail contacted the black feathers.

Cang Bi: Ouch...These feathers are corrosive!

Hypnos: Haha, impressive. I wonder if you can dodge this one.

As Hypnos was done speaking, countless black feathers appeared out of the blue, forming a sphere-shaped shield around him. The feathers were sorted and moving continuously. Any trespassers would be burnt if they missed even just a bit. However, not only Cang Bi wasn’t intimidated, but it widened its eyes with its battle spirit.


Instead of slowing down, Cang Bi sped up and passed the slit between feathers precisely. At this moment, Hypnos called back the feathers and turned them into a black shield, but his move had already been predicted by Cang Bi, who ascended to leap over him.

Cang Bi: Leonard, your turn!

Leonard: Take this!

Leonard, who had been preparing for this moment, swiftly aimed and pulled the trigger——Boom! An element-compressed bullet was shot at Hypnos head, radiating a blinding dazzle. When the light faded, Hypnos was nowhere to be seen.

Leonard: ...Did we do it?

Hypnos: Hahaha, what a brilliant battle. I didn’t expect to be pushed this far.

Cang Bi: Was that a phantom?

Hypnos: Don’t worry. I won’t attack you again. I have zero interest in wars. I’m only here to return my favour to North. Guess we’re even now with all the time I stalled for it. Have a sweet dream.

The floating image of Hypnos disappeared, and Cang Bi and Leonard returned to the base as they confirmed Hypnos’s withdrawal…

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