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  Charlouette the magic agency was thrown into turmoil by the disappearance of its former Principal Tawil. Luckily, her son inherited the business and saved the day.

  In order to compensate for what they had lost during the three-month shutdown, mages at Charlouette took Enoch on a commission to investigate the abduction of a group of children.

  Despite the twists and turns in the journey, Enoch and his partners eventually solved the case. Dragging their tired bodies, they returned to the agency.

  “It was so exhausting! I need to freshen up and have a big meal right now!” exclaimed Dagda, sprinting into the house. When he caught a whiff of a peculiar smell in the air, it was all too late. 

  “There you are, my doggie!” Madam Heidi had grown impatient from the waiting and took Dagda in her strong arms.

  With her white hair, the old face of Madam Heidi looked as if she had been through a lot. However, the muscles in her arms were even firmer than most young men. Her forceful embrace locked Dagda in her chest, against which Dagda couldn’t help struggling as he was stifled.

  “Uh, Madam Heidi, you’re back.” said squint-eyed Mephibo, who was usually a composed man. But now, he sweated in uneasiness and approached her cautiously, “Didn’t you go on a voyage to the Orient?”  

  Madam Heidi eventually let go of Dagda who nearly suffocated, “How could I carry on with the voyage when I heard Tawil had disappeared? So I made my way back immediately. Sigh, how did it happen...Nevermind, let’s talk about this later.”

  She stretched her arms again, grabbing Mephibo this time, “It’s been a while, Mephibo. You look pretty well, but since when has your fashion sense grown worse?”

  Mephibo had no time to debate with Madam Heidi as the immense strength of her arms had sent him coughing. After releasing him, Madam Heidi turned to Qingxia and Xilocient.

  “My lovely girls, come over!”

  “Madam Heidi! We missed you!”

  “Cough!” Dagda finally regained his strength, “Madam Heidi, I’m glad that you’re back. But how about a gentle greeting next time? You almost cracked my bones.”

  “What do you mean? I know you’re rough on the outside, but deep down you must have been yearning for some motherly love more than anyone else. That’s why I gave you a hug as tender as a breeze in the spring. How dare you dislike it so much!”

  “I don’t need motherly love!” protested Dagda, “And that was by no means ‘a breeze in the spring’, more like a devastating tornado!”

  Madam Heidi frowned, popping the joints of her fingers.

  “So you’re dissatisfied, huh? Let me show you what a real tornado is!”

  “No, don’t!” Dagda held his head and fled.

  Mephibo intervened and tried to save him.

  “Madam Heidi, I think Dagda has now learned your beautiful intentions, please forgive him once. Oh right, let me introduce you to Enoch, Tawil’s son, and the new Principal of Charlouette. He just completed his first commission and has done a very good job.”

  Meeting the intense gaze of Madam Heidi, Enoch nervously cracked his signature evil grin, which could make children cry. “Nice...Nice to meet you.”

  Madam Heidi’s smile vanished as she surveyed Enoch up and down. Just when Enoch thought he was going to be killed, a benevolent smile reappeared on Madam Heidi’s face. She put out her big hands and rubbed Enoch’s head lightly.

  “Nice to meet you too, little principal. I look forward to seeing you.” Madam Heidi said with warm affection, “Alright, it’s my treat today. Let’s dine somewhere nice!”

  Everyone cheered. Dagda walked along Enoch and put his arms around Enoch’s shoulders. From a distance, Madam Heidi stared at the innocent face of Enoch with a somber expression as she sank into deep thoughts.

  “Tawil, your son is far too young to take the challenge that you’ve left him...”

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