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  The business of Charlouette the magic agency was at stake because of the missing of Tawil the former principal. Luckily, Enoch, the son of Tawil, took over the agency and continued running it.

  To recover their loss after the 3-month closedown, the mages of Charlouette took Enoch to a missing children quest on his first day of work.

  However, the client——the duke of the city claimed that the culprit had been arrested while the children remained missing. For that, Xilocient the elf volunteered for the intervention as they were both elves. Meanwhile, the other mages of Charlouette headed outside to search for the missing children.

  Xilocient entered the jail cell alone and came to the wrecked male elf who was suspended on the wall. 

  “I’m Xilocient the mage from Charlouette. I’m here for your quest,” Xilocient whispered to the elf.

  “Cough...Please...protect the children...Cough…”

  “Don’t worry. My fellows are on the way to rescue them. Let’s get you out of here.”

  It took Xilocient some time to set the male elf free as the shackles were tighter than expected.

  “Alright. Let’s go——”

  “Oh look. I didn’t expect a mage from Charlouette would take part in a jailbreak,” said the duke, who seemed to have already known Xilocient’s plan, with a bunch of troops at the exit.

  “The you!” Xilocient’s lucid eyes were filled with rage as she surged her power. Next second, green halos with different luminance were emitted, transforming into vines to attack the duke and the soldiers.

  Painful moans sounded one after another. Very soon, the soldiers were all eliminated, while Xilocient seized this chance to flee with the wounded elf. However, a spooky tune made Xilocient stop.

  “This is...How is this possible...This tune…”

  Affected by the song, the element cycle inside Xilocient’s body became interrupted, whose consciousness began to fade. Looking up in the blurry sight, Xilocient saw a female elf walking down the staircase with a harp, which was the reason why Xilocient was paralyzed.

  “She’s a Mussong elf...Damn…”

  Xilocient was eventually defeated by the song and passed out. When she regained her consciousness, she found herself chained on a bed, her male apparel was changed to a scarlet dress. The skinny cutting had completely revealed her feminine body curve. 

  “I need to escape.” With this thought, Xilocient struggled fiercely but her attempt failed. The tinkle it made drew the duke’s attention, who came to the bedside. He tilted her chin to admire her facial profile.

  “Hmm, how gorgeous. Why dress like a boy while you’re such a beautiful girl? What a waste, but don’t worry. I’ll make a thorough tasting later.” Smiling cunningly, the duke travelled his hand along Xilocient’s body.

  “My fellows will hunt you down if you assault me.”

  Xilocient was scared, but it was masked by the ego of a mage, which made her look into the duke’s eyes.

  “First, your fellows must make their way back alive, for I’ve sent my men to prevent that. Second, I won’t touch you, for I’ll make you beg for my touch.” 

  As the duke was done speaking, he summoned the female elf Xilocient saw before she had passed out.

  “Play the harp.”

  “Yes sir.”

  The elf conjured her power and plucked the strings. Unlike the spooky song earlier, she was playing an erotic tune. The resonance of the elements and music began to affect Xilocient on the bed, who felt heated and gasped with boiling blood and a racing heart.

  “It’s the rut...Her song is inducing my rut period...I won’t lose! Not again!”

  “Oh, you’re rutting now. Alright my baby. If you don’t wanna be tortured, beg me.” The duke moved his hand all over Xilocient’s body.

  “I...I won’t beg...unless I die.” Xilocient mumbled with a hard bite on her lip, suppressing the urge to moan to stare him back.

  “Humph. You ask for this!”

  Just when the duke was about to assault Xilocient, BOOM! The bedroom door was blasted away, followed by the intrusion of Enoch and the others.


  Enoch had never been this furious as he saw the way Xilocient was now. His angrily twisted face was definitely that of a devil.

  “Boss, it’s her! It’s the song that the elf's playing that paralyzed Xilocient!” Qingxia the oriental lady pointed at the Mussong elf who was plucking the strings.

  “How dare you harass my fellow! I’ll make you suffer!”

  Rage erupted, Enoch’s power surged, taking down the Mussong elf with a slight wave of his wand. The music stopped immediately. 

  “Huff...How dare you touch me...I’ll teach you some manners!” 

  As the music had stopped, Xilocient regained a bit of her sanity. Driven by the rage and shame, she cracked the shackles with a power surge.

  This was no ending but the beginning. Xilocient lifted up the water bed and approached the duke on the ground step by step. The shadow of the bed gradually shrouded him.

  “ me mercy...I-It’s my fault.” The duke was scared as he realized that he had messed with the wrong one.


  Xilocient threw the water bed at the duke, smacking him unconscious. However, she seemed out of strength after the hit as she was about to fall down.


  When Enoch rushed over to carry her, something unexpected happened—— Xilocient put her arms around Enoch’s neck and pressed her lips on his. The moment when she leant close to him, the question that had been in his head was answered.

  “So she’s a girl...No no no! It’s not the time to think about this!”

  Enoch pushed Xilocient away, who was blushing and turned on.

  “Mephibo! Feed her!” 

  Qingxia took Xilocient over from Enoch. Meanwhile, Mephibo stuffed a pill into Xilocient’s mouth. With the medication, the blush on her cheek faded and the pant stopped.

  “Mmm...I...Ah!” Xilocient seemed shy as she recalled what had happened. Very soon, she looked at Enoch as if she had figured something out.

  “Boss, don’t worry. I’ll take the responsibility,” said Xilocient with a determined and sincere tone.

  “Wait what!!?? How did it all happen?!”

  Enoch didn’t know what else to say.

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