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  In an alley slightly away from the bustling area, there was a 3-floor house surrounded by greenery. A youth was lying on the rooftop with a leaf between his lips, reading a letter under the sun.

  “ My beloved big brother Dagda, is everything alright? It came to my father's concern that the principal of “Charlouette” the magic agency went missing. Please don’t hesitate to come back if you need assistance. We the Order of Druids will definitely do as much as we can. Your humble brother Hogda...PFF!”

  Dagda the youth spat the leaf out, crumpled the letter and tossed it away irritatedly.

  “Assistance my ass! They never want my return! I’m the abandoned eldest son of that old man, the banished son in everyone’s knowledge! I won’t go back...Oh! There he comes!”

  Dagda, lying on the rooftop, gazed at the far end of the road vigilantly. When he surged his power, a pair of animal ears popped out of his head, detecting everything in his 3-km perimeter.

  It was a dark-haired man who was approaching the house. He was in an earthy mage robe with a wand. All of a sudden, he got tripped by a rock on the road. It took him a few staggering steps to rebalance himself from stumbling.

  “So this guy is Enoch, the new principal.He looks so clumsy...He gets to inherit Charloutte without paying any effort just because he’s the son of the former principal...Humph! I ain’t gonna call a fresh graduate my boss! I’ll kick him out!”

  Dagda was groundlessly pissed off by Enoch, onto whom he projected his dissatisfaction towards his brother. He conjured the power to resonate with nature, shapeshifting into a wolf. With a leap off the rooftop, he growled at Enoch as a warning.

  “Wait wait wait! How come there’s a wolf in the urban area?” Startled, Enoch almost dropped his wand, and that cowardly look pissed Dagda even more, who pounced on Enoch.

  However, it was a magic barrier that Dagda had bitten.

  Despite the unexpected situation, Enoch managed to chant a spell with his instinctive reflex. Meanwhile, Dagda leapt backward with a grin.

“Oh, chanting a spell in just a blink of an eye. You seem wimpy but you’ve got some skills.”

“You...You can talk...You’re not an ordinary wolf!” Enoch was shocked.

“Humph! You’re too blunt! And this isn’t how the principal of Charlouette should behave! Now go back to the school and be your good student. We can take care of Charlouette on our own!”


Seemingly provoked, Enoch pulled a long face in a cold voice.

“I ain’t going back! I’m taking over Charlouette!”

“Ha, what a bluffer. Let’s see if you can live long enough for that!”

Dagda conjured his power to shapeshift again, into a huge deer with solid and sharp antlers.

“This kind of power...belongs to Druids, but they only have one animal form. How come you…”

“That’s because I’m a genius! Take this!”

Dagda, in his deer form, charged at Enoch fiercely. In the meantime, Enoch raised his wand to defend again——

Crack! The magic barrier was shattered by Dagda.

Worst still, Dagda hit Enoch at his abdomen after breaching the barrier, pinning him onto the wall of the abandoned building in the alley. 

“Cough!” The intense momentum caused Enoch to cough.

“Just give up. You’ll die even if you take over Charlouette,” Dagda warned Enoch coldly.


Raising his head, Enoch wore an evil grin on his pale face, which crept Dagda out for a moment.

“I won’t die until I find her!”

Enoch surged his power and his wand began to glow.

Dagda shielded himself, but the attack wasn’t aiming at him. Enoch was attacking the wall behind him instead.

The collapse of the wall had freed Enoch, who chanted another spell immediately, shooting fire arrows at Dagda’s back.

“Ahh!” Dagda returned to his human form, lying on the ground.

However, something was off as the ceiling started to crumble——The abandoned building was unable to hold their intense fight and was collapsing.

“He’s gonna be buried alive!” Enoch got up to help Dagda immediately and take him to a safe place.

Rumble! As soon as they ran out of the building, it tumbled down, sending a deafening noise and cloud of dust.

“He...saved me...Why...We just had a fight…” Dagda then wore a smile. “Maybe...He’s not that bad…”

Suddenly, he was shrouded in a shadow, followed by a male’s voice. “Dagda, what happened?”

“Urh...a long story——” Dagda tried to shift the topic, but Mephibo had seen through his trick already. “Don’t worry. I have plenty of time,” he pinched Dagda’s ear to say.

“I’m screwed…” Dagda thought with a sigh.

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