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Dialogues of 10th Seal Stages


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Stage1: Flames of Joy

Floor1: A Warm Garden

Sonata: Woohoo! It’s my honour to be enlightened by Zana on the “Whisper of Monesis”. Life is full of surprises.

Delta: Don’t get carried away. Through this hole, we’ll be arriving at the parterre of Oroz. Stay vigilant, everyone. I’m not sure what kind of enemies are lurking ahead.


Summoner: This me warmth but also grief…

Delta: This is the flame of Bahamut...It’s guiding us through the maze. Let’s go.

Floor2: City of Freedom

Sonata: Whoa——! A shadow just swept in. I can’t die until I wake the Machinas up with the “Whisper of Monesis”. Summoner, protect me!


Summoner: They’re not our enemies, just memories of the past…Bahamut, what are you trying to tell me?


Led by the flames, Pompeii came to the centre of a lake. A crimson, indolent dragon was crouching in a house made from intertwining branches.


Pompeii: Why is everyone quarreling? Bahamut, wisdom of the ancient, I need your help for uniting all the races on this land.

Bahamut: Innocent one, you won’t make it.

Floor3: Endless Visitors

Zana: Bahamut, that Machina is incredible. He has the most unique pulsation I’ve ever heard. I hope to know more about him.


Behemoth: Bahamut, that Machina is the second one defeating me after you did. And he is full of weird thoughts but they’re quite intriguing. So I spare his life.

Bahamut: “They...are attracted by him.”

Stage2: All United

Floor1: Helping Each Other

Bahamut: I’ve never expected you can assemble everyone here...What’s your name?

Pompeii: I’m Pompeii, your ally. We’re made to be different so that we can back up each other.

Pompeii: Dragon’s wisdom, beast’s toughness, elf’s agility and our innovation, with all together we can definitely create the most prosperous realm of freedom.

Floor2: A Prosperous Scene

Bahamut: “Who would have expected that the competing or selfish races will have a uniting today?”

Bahamut: “Each individual is happy with equal status, striving to be better...How beautiful...I’ll protect this land at all costs.”


But peace did not last long with the arrival of Eldus…

Floor3: The Gate-crasher

Eldus: Ancient creature, we acknowledge you. Unlike the other inferior species on this land, you’re wise enough to be compared with our kind.

Bahamut: Flattering words can’t deceive me. Outsider, I won’t join you. You should go.

Eldus: Foolish! One day you’ll regret it.

Stage3: Sinister Heretics

Floor1: The Skewed Side

Pompeii: Bahamut, I just received a distress signal of a beast from the east through circuits. Epsilon is bringing reinforcement to there. And we need you. Can you come with me?

Bahamut: I’ll be there, but out of my will, not your request.


Pompeii: ...Epsilon, what’s...wrong with your arm——

Epsilon: It’s just a flesh wound. I can fix it after returning to Oroz. But you’ve gotta be careful. Change the no-kill strategy,, or we’ll perish.

Bahamut: Leave this to Pompeii and me.

Floor2: Intruders’ Raid

Bahamut: Fire element, I hereby summon thou real name. Burn all the outsiders into ashes! Crush their arrogant intention into dust!

Pompeii: Souls of Monesis, come to my wings and turn into a wall of flames to protect everyone!


Eldus: Tut! Useless! Get out of my way!

  The Eldus killed all their injured comrades on the ground. Provoked by such a cruel scene, Pompeii rushed to stop the enemies instantly!

Pompeii: You——! How can you kill your own kind?

Floor3:  Subjected to Persecution

Eldus: Kind? Humph, you miss the point. Those “things” are just our tools. You can call them “Earthlings” if you want. They’re created to find Monesis.


Pompeii: They’re not tools. They’re livings like everyone of us!

Bahamut: Outsiders, retreat or I’ll show you no mercy.

Eldus: We lost the battle this time, but we aren’t going to give in. This fight won’t stop until one of us goes down.

Stage4: The Unstoppable Action

Floor1: Message from the Machina

Pompeii: I’ve lost so many, but I still hope to achieve my dream, for we’re the children of Monesis.


Bahamut: Pompeii, your kindness will hurt you someday.

Floor2: Protection of the Land

Pompeii: Bahamut, I’m not kind, but a selfish Machina. I had everyone sacrificed for my far-fetched dream.


Pompeii: If things get out of control one day, I’m ready to stop the chaos with my life. By then, please protect everyone for me, and protect this realm.

Bahamut: ...I can’t take this promise, Pompeii. This land is yours to be protected.

Floor3: The Helpless Dragon

  However, Bahamut’s wish failed to come true. Having been through so many wars, Eldus became overpowering the Machinas…


Bahamut: Pompeii...Your dream did not realize eventually. Each race was competing with each other...they almost destroyed this land…

Bahamut: Back then, if I haven’t listened to you and left those races be, would it make any difference?

Bahamut: I can’t change the truth of this world. The only thing I can do is to honor my promise to you. I’ll be a keeper of this city for the asleep Machinas, until someone wakes them up someday…

Stage5: Compassion of the Dragon

Floor1: The Isolated World

Mad Beast: Roar, hahahaha!! Trap in the darkness!!!

Angry Beast: No!! Let me out!


Valencia: My head is aching…Kill them all...No, No!! Who are you? Who’s speaking in my head!?

Bahamut: Poor kid, come. I’ll put you to a peaceful sleep.

Valencia: Not painful pain anymore…

Bahamut: Haha, it’s rare. You’re still awake after receiving my breath. You must be a tough child.

Bahamut: I’m here to soothe your pain and those who trapped in here. Are you willing to help me?

Sonata: Isn’t that the bat-like monster attacking Ziz at the entrance?

Summoner: So it’s a friend of Bahamut...Is it Bahamut’s order to help us?

Floor2: Deep-rooted Guilt

Bahamut: What’s happening, Valencia?

Valencia: More elves, beasts are coming out from the inside again. This time there is even a Machina. But good news is, they’re all taken down. You just need to make them calm.

Bahamut: Monesis, take all my power to soothe these children with flames. This is the only redemption I can make.


  Then, Bahamut vanished into thin air in front of the last brazier. Summoner made it to a towering tree intertwined with metal tubes. They blended in with each other that it’s hard to tell the actual part of the tree itself.

Bahamut: You finally came, child of destiny.

Floor3: The Lasting Pain

Delta: Bahamut! It’s good to see you’re alright...But Pompeii——

Bahamut: Delta, worry not. He’s just hibernating to protect the cycle and law of this land for Monesis.

Bahamut: A huge change will soon kick in, but I’m running out of energy. I can’t protect those poor kids anymore. Summoner, I felt your birth, and you have an epiphany of the world.

Summoner: Epiphany?

Bahamut: You’re the key to break the fate of eternal suffering. You just haven’t realised yet. Fight me. Only fire element can wake your potential up.

Floor4: Blessings of Dragon Flames

Bahamut: I’m Bahamut, the ally of Machina. Come! Show me your perseverance.


Bahamut: Truly, you possess a tough will and an extraordinary power. I’m old. To stop the world from destruction, we need a new blood like you.

Bahamut: May I be your guiding light during the journey to the end.

Bahamut: I can’t hold it any longer. Go! There are more and more difficulties and secrets waiting for you. But I’m convinced that you can overcome all the obstacles ahead.

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