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10th Seal


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Stage1: Candlelight in Fantasy

Floor1: The Sacred Harp

Summoner had successfully brought the sanity of Behemoth back from a berserk rage. With its help, they arrived at the Ritual Remains of Oroz. Right as they entered, a harp from afar caught their attentions.

Sonata: It’s...someone singing…

Summoner: I can hear it, but who is that? And the song sounds familiar…

Zana: It’s song of life. Every life listens to it when they were born.

Delta: It’s Zana’s voice!

Zana: Summoner, child of destiny, the one who can break the rotten future. I’ve been expecting you. Come over here, I have a song to play for you.

Floor2: Melody of the Score

Sonata: Zana… she is my ancestor. Her voice is so beautiful …

Sonata: Summoner, hurry up. I need to ask her about the second half of “Whisper of Monesis”!

Summoner: Sure, I also wonder why she would know me.

Delta: She’s gotta be around the harp. It’s at the center of the altar, where we used to hold ceremonies.

Glauox: Let’s go!

Floor3: Hall of Prayers

Sonata: Wheeze...what’s going on here? So many enemies here! I can’t really do anything now. You’ve gotta protect me!


Summoner: “The enemies...are they god’s reinforcement? Is Behemoth doing ok back there?”

Sonata: I can’t die before mastering the “Whisper of Monesis”!


Delta: Just head through this passage and we’ll make it to the altar.

Stage2: The Flying Notes

Floor1: Thoughts of Pureness

Delta: Ms. Zana, we finally meet again!


Zana: It’s my pleasure to meet you. I guess you must be startled right? Waking up and realizing that the world has completely changed.


Zana: Worry not, my descendant and the chosen Summoner. I’ve set up a magic barrier to block those intruders temporarily.


Summoner: How do you know my name?


Zana: Monesis told me, when the world is contaminated by the Eldus.

Floor2: All in Harmony

Zana: Sit down. Let me show you an ancient song…

As she performed with the harp, a vague vision was revealed in their eyes. There was an altar too, but it was completely different from the altar here. That was a cheerful place. Elves, beasts, dragons and machinas gathered to celebrate a ceremony of some sort.

Pompeii: Thank you for joining our ceremony. Let us stay with Monesis to make this land flourish.


Bahamut: All credits go to Pompeii. If it wasn’t you insisting on your belief, we would have been separate from each other.


Behemoth: True. When Pompeii came to me, I almost crushed him into pieces. He was the only one who didn’t back down from my intimidation.


Zana: Then allow me to perform a song to commemorate the hero Pompeii.

Floor3: Sparkling Evilness

???: How dare you ugly creatures trapping our “mother” in here! You’re damned!


Intruders broke into the ceremony and attacked abruptly. Without expecting this, some creatures were injured; Screams of pain were echoing over the altar.


Pompeii: Stop it!


When they were about to strike again, Pompeii stood up for everyone, gathered elemental power and conjured a firewall to protect all the present races.

Stage3: Abrupt End of the Music

Floor1: Tempted By Power

???: You are the leader?


Pompeii: We don’t need a leader. Everyone is equal.


???: Hahaha! So you’re a fool...I have no time to waste. We are Eldus, and we've come to take our mother back.


Pompeii: Your mother?


Eldus: The being that is hidden somewhere deep into the ground, her power resonates us down there.

Floor2: Emotionally-Driven Desire

Pompeii: Underground...You mean Monesis?


Eldus: It’s not your Monesis. She is our mother! We’ve been patient searching from place to place, and now we found her!


Eldus: The power lying here resembles the source of our creation...I’m sure mother is right here underneath.

Floor3:  The Selfishness Aroused

Eldus: Pick a side. Follow this hypocrite Machina who actually controls you with his so-called “equal” ideology, or made a deal with us.


Eldus: Those who join us shall be glorified with rewards, power, status and dominance over this land.

Behemoth: It’s nonsense! No way will we accept this absurd deal!


Eldus: Each race strives to grow stronger, to become the most powerful in the world.

Stage4: Battle Song Begins

Floor1: A Face Off

On this land of intertwining trees, an elf was resting on a treetop, gazing at the starry sky. Zana came trippingly, landing on the other top.


Zana: You met the Eldus, didn’t you?


Elf of the West: I knew it. Nothing can be hidden from you. We elves are intelligent, but this fragile body has dragged us down to the most inferior species! I will not surrender to that.

Floor2: Sorrow of the Soul

Zana: Does being a dominator really matter to you?


Elf of the West: Of course. I’m not that naive like Pompeii, chasing his daydream like an ignorant child.


Zana: But Pompeii has the most graceful and purest pulsation I’ve ever heard. He is dedicated to achieving his belief. I trust him.


Elf of the West: Zana, since when did you become so childish to believe in this joke?

Floor3: Choice of the Elf

Zana: ...So do you...Fascinated by the words of the Eldus.


Elf of the West: Don’t be foolish! I trust nobody, and I hate those arrogant intruders. But so what? I don’t care who it is as long as it benefits me.


Elf of the West: This land needs no other species but us the elves. Come, Zana! Let us write our glorious history!

Elf of the West: Sing a triumphant song with your amazing voice!


Zana: I...won’t. We’re not on the same page.


Zana: I only do it for Pompeii, for his dream.

Stage5: Requiem for the Elves

Floor1: Sorrowful Sigh

Elf of the West: Zana, by the time we meet next time, we’ll be enemies.


The elf then left Zana behind, who was in tears when she raised her head.


Zana: Why do conflicts never end? Why can’t we just agree to disagree?


Zana sang a song to express her melancholy; vessels from the land and trees resonated with her rhythm, giving out iridescent lights.


Zana: “ calling me…”

Floor2: Longing for Peace

Zana walked deep into Oroz to the “Pilgrimage”, where resided the most respectable creature of all beings——Monesis.


Zana: The almighty Monesis, I’ve answered your call to meet you.


Zana: Monesis, the origin of life, please tell me. Why there will always be conflicts? Why can’t disagreements be eradicated?


Monesis: ...Rustle——


Zana: Ah! So many voices in my head…

Floor3: Score for Monesis

Zana: This is...our future...No...I don’t want it. It’s too much sorrow and despair…


Monesis: ...Dong...dong…


Zana: ...Understood. I’ll deliver your words by composing a score, to prevent the future from collapse…


As she stopped singing, the vision also faded away.


Zana: This is our story happened long long time ago. And it’s the key to our future.


Summoner: Collapse of the future ...Do you mean the realm?


Zana: The backflow and disorder of elements are tearing the land apart——


Summoner: I have to stop the chaos!


Zana: For the sake of the realm, you need to wake up the natives hibernating in the deep. Delta, you got the key from Pompeii, right?


Delta: Huh? How did you know?


Zana: From Monesis. I’ll be reactivating the instruments on the altar. And you need to defeat me to prove yourself.

Floor4: Symphony of Elves’ Dream

Zana: Although Summoner is the child of destiny, I won’t let you proceed easily. If you can’t even take me down, going further is just a waste of your time.


Zana: Bring it on. Show me what you’ve got.

Zana: Summoner, you truly live up to Monesis’s expectation. Allow me to play a song for you. May the elves guide you through your journey.


Zana: Sonata, my descendant, you’re destined to go underground with the child of destiny, and perform the most wonderful song “Whisper of Monesis” with your life.

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