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10th Seal


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Stage1: Into the Bottomless Deep

Floor1: Place of Joy in the Past


A mysterious hole appeared near the Enochian Tower. While Summoner and Glauox were making their ways to explore what happened in there, they saved Delta the Machina and Sonata the elf who were under attack by a giant beast. Knowing that they were also heading to the underground, Summoner decided to team up with them into the hole…


Sonata: Wow, this place is completely different from my elf village.


Summoner: Who would expect that there was a once prosper city built underneath this realm...


Glauox: Delta, is it Oroz, the mechanical city where you belong to?


Delta: We’ve been living here long before humans were born.


Delta: Everyone used to live happily here. Look! I used to play with my mates on that swing...


Sonata: Are all your people still hibernating down here?


Delta: ...Yes, and I have to wake them. This is my obligation!


Summoner: “Based on our clues in Void of the Realm, Delta’s partners are the natives residing underground. They know how to fix the backflow of the elemental power. That’s why I have to wake them up for the sake of the realm!”

Floor2: The Destroyed Civilization

Summoner: There are some noticeable claw marks on the swing, the parterre and the bench. Looks like a giant beast did this.


Delta: Behemoth. It must be him.


Sonata: Is it your enemy?


Delta: No! Behemoth is our ally and the keeper of Oroz from those invading Eldus!


Summoner: The Eldus...are they the extraterrestrial species you mentioned before?


Delta: Those horrible creatures attacked us no matter at all cost…

Floor3: The Bloody Half-pipe

Glauox: Why did they invade the city?


Delta: Because...they want Monesis.


Sonata: I’ve been searching for a score called “Whisper of Monesis”. I guess the “Monesis” is what the Eldus are aiming at, right?


Delta: Monesis is one of us...No, it’s the guardian of the whole realm. If it disappears, life will stop being born, and the energy circulation will be cut off.


Summoner: Then the realm will be doomed…


Delta: So we’re gonna protect Monesis no matter what it takes! But——


Glauox: Summoner, there are bloodstains over the skateway!


Stage2: Piles of Bones

Floor1:  The Broken Machinas

Summoner and the others arrived where Glauox was, and saw a beast remains, holding a broken mechanical arm.


Sonata: This is...horrible.


Summoner: Judging from the blood trails, the beast got here with its last breath…


Sonata: So it was protecting your kind?


Delta: Not only Machinas, beasts, elves and dragons are coming for Monesis, but not all of them were on our side…


Summoner: Some of them were with the Eldus...that’s why it triggered the war...just like the great battle between gods and demons…

Floor2: Corpses of Intruders

Summoner: Let’s go. The battlefield should be ahead.


Glauox: Something’s wrong, I can smell it. There’s an unsettling vibe in the air…


Sonata: I know what it is...This is exactly the same smell when humans ravaged our village. It’s the smell of death.


Summoner: Delta, perhaps you may just wait for us here——


Delta: No, I want to go. I want to witness it.


As they continued going deeper, more and more bones and Machina remains were found along the road. Some were even piled up like a small hill, making the atmosphere even more creepy.


Summoner: Why did we have to kill each other? It creates nothing but only sorrow and despair…


Sonata: It’s destined.


Then, Sonata started performing a ballad with her musical instrument, as if she was mourning for the deceased. Music began; Summoner and the others were all listening attentively with their eyes closed.


Summoner: “The land is repeating a vicious circle. I want to break this so that there can be a peaceful realm for everyone.”

Floor3: Defend the City

???: Roar


Glauox: Wow! Who’s shouting?


Delta: It’s Behemoth!


Behemoth: Kill...all...the...intruders…


Summoner: Watch out!


Sonata: Strange, I can’t use my elemental power. It seems someone has sealed my energy!


Delta: It’s Zana! She has taught Behemoth and Bahamut some seal magics.


Delta: I’m afraid the power of beasts, elves and dragons are affected too.


Summoner: Is it the reason why I can’t conjure some of the heroic spirits, because of the magic?


Behemoth: Roar——!


Delta: Behemoth, it’s me, Delta! Wake up!


Behemoth: I hate killing...No——


Moved by Delta’s calling, the giant beast went all out to roar in despair; Summoner and the others were shrouded by its breath. Their consciousness began to fade away…

Stage3: Roar of Horror

Floor1: No Way Back


Two giant beasts confronted at a blossomy prairie.


Ziz: Behemoth, enough! It’s their own business to war over Monesis. Just leave them be!

Behemoth: I have to go. It’s my promise to Pompeii.

Summoner: Em? Why are we here? We should be in Oroz.

Glauox: Summoner, this isn’t real. We’re in the past memories of Behemoth.


Sonata: Isn’t that the beast just attacked us?


Delta: The beast is Ziz, saved and raised by Behemoth when it was young. They have a strong bonding to each other.

Floor2: To Protect Monesis

Behemoth: Pompeii! I’ve come to help you! We can’t let them take Monesis away!


Pompeii: Thanks Behemoth...where is Ziz?


Behemoth: stays to protect the young beasts. Hey, don’t worry. I’ve brought backups. We’re gonna take the Eldus down!


Pompeii: Ziz...doesn’t agree to my belief...maybe it’s right. It’s too naive to believe that we could coexist with the Eldus peacefully.


Behemoth: There is nothing wrong with your belief. But it is a tough journey. And you’ll keep losing someone you value until you succeed…


Summoner: “Pompeii...Delta said he is the prototype of Machinas. Didn’t know that he was actually a pacifist…”

Floor3: Showdown Begins

Behemoth: Don’t even think about crossing my defense! Come, my comrades! Kill all these marauders!


Beasts: Roar——!


Behemoth: Humph! Weaklings, run for your life before I change my mind!


Eldus: Fool savage beasts, you’re no match for us! Bring it on.

Stage4: Twisted Intention

Floor1: No Entry

Behemoth: You submit to the Eldus...are you out of your mind? They’re just using you!


Beasts: Still better than that hypocrite Pompeii. Coexistence, equality...they’re all bullcrap.

Beasts: Behemoth, carnage should be the goal to pursue for our kind! As the king of the beasts, you should demonstrate your mightiness!


Behemoth: Stop the nonsense! I’m not that bloodthirsty animal anymore. Pompeii taught me the truth!

Floor2: Beclouded By Bloodlust

Beasts: You’re just suppressing it. Don’t worry. I’ll bring it back out of you!


Summoner: “They’re...taking the young beasts to Behemoth! Are they gonna——”


Summoner: Stop it! Don’t!!


Glauox: Summoner, it’s useless. You can’t rewrite the past no matter how hard you try.


The beasts brought some cubs and killed them cruelly in front of Behemoth!


Behemoth: You...I’m gonna kill you! Die——Roar——!

Floor3: The Beast’s Instinct

Beasts: There you are! Haha, this is the Behemoth I’m familiar with! Killing is in our blood!


Behemoth: Shut up! I said shut up!

Behemoth: Kill...kill them all! Only by killing the Eldus, we can return to those good old days, listening to the beautiful songs of Zana...The Eldus will pay with their blood!

Stage5: The Trapped Beast

Floor1: Kill or Spare

Behemoth: Wheeze...I can’t lose yet...Kill…

Comrade: Behemoth, I’m done. Eat me to recover your strength. And kill the Eldus for me!


Behemoth: Roar…


Sonata: That’s insane! Behemoth must be losing its sanity to eat its kind.


Delta: No! Behemoth is kind and gentle. He did this only because he was confused! He didn’t want this!


Floor2: The Fading Emotions

Behemoth: ...Finally the intruders are put down...we won! Em? Where is everybody?


Behemoth: They must have gone outside. I better hurry up to find them, Ziz will be worried about me too…


Behemoth: I can’t find a way out...We didn’t win...everyone Pompeii had to initiate that plan…


Floor3: Uphold the Promise

Behemoth: Tired...lonely....where am I?


Behemoth: “Someone is approaching...It’s enemy...die!”

???: It’s... it’s Monster!


Behemoth: Kill...kill...kill ‘em all...for Pompeii…


The consciousness of Summoner and the others returned to the reality at this moment.


Delta: Even though its sanity had been peeling off all these years, Behemoth still wanted to live up to Pompeii’s promise...Sorry, it’s all our fault——


Sonata: What are you talking about! Eldus is the one to blame! If I were there, I would have kicked their butt!


Behemoth: Roar——!


Summoner: Let’s forget the Eldus. We should bring Behemoth’s sanity back first! Heroic spirits, answer my call!


Floor4: The True Self

Behemoth: Roar——! You intruders, don’t even think about taking Monesis away!


Glauox: Summoner, it can absorb the power of Dragonary Craft! If Behemoth takes away all its power, we cannot defeat it anymore. So, please beware of its action!

Behemoth: Thank you for waking me up. It has been a long time. Come, the great Summoner. Please set them free. You have my blessing…


Suddenly, a huge noise came out of nowhere. Quick footsteps began to make them nervous. Soon god soldiers had caught up with Summoner to the underground!


Summoner: Can’t believe they can make it to here...But I won’t give in easily, heroic spirits——Huh? Behemoth, why are you standing in the way?


Behemoth: I need to honour my promise to Pompeii, never letting anyone hurt Monesis. You human, inferior and powerful, I have faith in your potential. Summoner, please, carry on with Delta, to where Pompeii is asleep.


Delta: Thank you...Behemoth…


Behemoth: Go!

With the urge of Behemoth, Summoner and the others continued advancing; Behemoth looked at the back of Summoner with glitters in its eyes.

Behemoth: “Pompeii, this is what you’ve taught me...something apart from killing…”


God soldier: It’! Let’s fight everyone!


Behemoth: Humph, a bunch of fools! I won’t let any filthy beings taint this place!

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